Let's face it, some internships are soul crushing.

Maybe you're filing papers or fetching partners' coffee or you're in some faceless back office being very much a cog in the machine.

While not all jobs can be exciting, if your company cares to keep your pipeline of fresh young faces strong, you ought to try to make your company's internships at least a little fun. This is perhaps the reasoning behind the following notable internship offerings, from the likes of the Walt Disney Company and LEGO Group.

Here are six oddball internships that you won't believe exist:

1. Counter-terrorism Internship, The Walt Disney Company

The "Happiest Place on Earth" recently posted an opening for an intern who could help keep the Magical Kingdom safe. This "Global Intelligence Analyst Intern" will join the global media conglomerate's "Counter Threat" team, which provides intelligence about threats including terrorism, cyber-attacks and reputational risks. 

According to the job description, basic qualifications include knowing how to use Microsoft Office and the Internet. A second language and international travel experience also don't hurt. Unfortunately for aspiring CIA agents, the position appears to be filled because the notice has been taken down since. 

2. Toy Designer Internship, LEGO Group

The most important quality the toy company seeks for its toy designer intern is that "you have not and will never ever forget the child inside you." Second to that comes knowledge of 3D programs and being a team player. 

The job description entails jumping into the mind of a 6-year-old boy and developing new concepts that make boys have the time of their lives. 

"This internship offers a super funny playground with unlimited opportunities for personal expression." The five-month stint takes place in Billund, Denmark and begins in the winter of 2016.

3. Harry Potter Internship, MuggleNet

Who needs pay when you have the most magical internship, right? If you're not convinced, the popular Harry Potter fansite, under Chicago-based Spartz Media, offers seven reasons its unpaid internships are worth your time.

Among those listed include "guaranteed protection from the Dark Lord" and "you can do work in your pajamas." It's not all just fun and games though. Reporting for MuggleNet also helps to boost your resume, as your work will be viewed by millions of Muggles per year. "Plus, trying to find out what house your potential boss is in makes for great interview discussion." If you're interested, keep checking back because the position is listed sporadically. 

4. Flower Arranging and Tea Packing Internship, People's Association

Internships aren't just for students and recent graduates. Now, senior citizens can intern under a program launched by People's Association, an organization that promotes racial harmony and social cohesion in Singapore.

With the help of partner companies, the Golden Work Series offers paid internships where seniors can pick up job skills like flower arranging and tea packing. 

On average, the internships last about one month. The series aims to help senior citizens pursue learning aspirations and lead an active lifestyle. 

5. The Ellen DeGeneres Show Internship

Yes, this actually exists. As for what it entails, it's anyone's guess. The listing includes no job description, which is very characteristic of the surprise-filled talk variety show. 

No matter what you end up doing, you're bound to have fun working on the dynamic set in Burbank, Calif. To apply, submit a personal story (1,500 characters or less) and any related materials you think might help.

6. Comic Book Internship, Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment, headquartered in New York City, offers a plethora of exciting experiences for comic book lovers. For example, in the past, art returns and inventory internships were available.

The description for the art returns internship started with: "Have you ever wondered what an actual page of comic book art looks like before it's shrunken down, covered with word balloons and colored?" Qualifications included proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Word.

And the inventory internship entailed enjoying "comic book heaven as you lovingly pour over Marvel's stockpile of comics, trades, and hard covers while cataloging them into a magnificent Excel spreadsheet." Traits like attention to detail and the ability to work independently were listed as must-haves.