Bad days happen to all of us, but nevertheless it can be hard to regain composure when you're in the thick of overwhelm. Your emotions may be running high, preventing you from performing at your best. 

Stress shuts down many normal functions, which is why you may feel anxious or rushed when your day doesn't go as planned. 

Mindfulness can help you better manage your emotions at work, particularly when you feel frustrated, burned out, or otherwise knocked off center. 

Instead of getting caught up in irrational thoughts, anger, or fear, you can steer yourself back to a positive place with simple practices like breathing, journaling, and meditation.

In fact studies show that even short bursts of meditation begin to rewire the brain, making you more resilient and better at coping with stressful situations. 

Free Mindfulness Meditations To Bounce Back From a Bad Day

These guided meditations can help you put a little more "Namaste" in a hectic workday. As you listen, you are led through the meditation by a narrator, which is perfect for beginners. The best part? They are all free and many can be done in as a little as five minutes.

So pop your ear buds in and get to grounding yourself: 

And if you prefer to use an app, there are many great options out there including Headspace, Insight Timer, Calm, and Buddhify.  

Remember, you choose how you respond to a bad day. It doesn't have to get the best of you. You can use it as an opportunity to train your brain and get better at responding to stress. When you do, you bounce back stronger each time. 

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