Maintaining an online presence is imperative for any business to boost your enterprise and your profile exponentially. Some call this your digital footprint--any information that comes up when your name or business is Googled. If you or your firm want to get the most out of your digital footprint, be sure all the members of your team understand how it works, how critical it is to the overall success of the company, and how to devise a campaign for managing and executing your plan. Above all else, everyone should know how to maintain your professional reputation.

Your online presence is a serious matter, which can not only build your consumer base, it can also destroy your brand if you are not careful. These five points can help offset the risk:

1. Provide Flexibility While Adding to Your Social Footprint. Social media can be a drain on the brain. It feels like you need to be active all the time but actually you don't. If you store up your content once a week and time it out via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter you can basically program your outreach--"set it and forget it"--unless there is big news to respond to. 

2. Let Your Website Serve as Your Virtual 24/7 PR Agent. The beauty and the curse of the internet is that it never stops working. Your website is always ready to greet visitors, on their time. But be cautious here about the content supplied because as most of us now know, the internet is forever so don't let your content come back to haunt you. Plan your content wisely: attempt to attract as many people as possible and make the most of the words you choose and use.
3. Reach More People by Engaging with More People. It is estimated that 74 percent of all internet users engage on social media--engagement being the key word. If you engage with colleagues and potential clients on social media they will engage with you. That's a lot of traffic that can be directed to your site. Take advantage of the opportunities this presents to comment where necessary. Hire a social media editor if you can and watch the return on the investment increase.
4. Define and Develop Your Brand. Branding is essential to a thriving business. You want your name and logo to be as widely recognized as the McDonald's golden arches. Growing your digital footprint through multiple channels--blogs, websites, business journals and networking sites, like and LinkedIn--increases visibility and helps your brand and your business reach new audiences constantly...even while you sleep.
5. Be an Expert by Establishing Your Company as a Thought-Leader.
Don't be shy. Saying you are an expert versus proving you are one makes all the difference. People trust experts. Show you're knowledgeable. Make sure all your best work is presented on your site and social media and include testimonials. Don't forget to include video and images, people like to see who they are working with.