Video Transcript

00:12 Michael Alter: Every month at SurePayroll, we ask a series of our customers, are they optimistic or pessimistic about the future of our economy. And unfortunately, we've been seeing that optimistic number running at about 60 percent optimistic about the future. Yet in normal times, we would expect to see that as 80 or 90 percent because by definition, let's face it, we're all "glass is half full" people, right? We wouldn't be trying to start businesses and build them and compete in the way we do if we didn't believe in the future and believe in our abilities to be successful. But we've got challenges with the fiscal cliff, we've got tax increase issues, we've got issues with the economy in Europe, and a potential slowdown in Asia. There's all sorts of things that can bring you down.

00:50 Alter: And so, how do you remain optimistic about the future? And I think a lot of that has to do with focusing on your business and what makes your business unique and how you're gonna differentiate yourself versus your competitors. Because no matter how bad things get, if you deliver a great service for a fair price and are there to back up what you're doing, you're gonna have a business. And you're gonna be able to keep growing that business. Maybe at the expense of some of your competitors but you know what, that's the beauty of America. We get to compete every day in the marketplace. So again, I would focus on having the best service, the best product, and the best people in my business, and I know I'm gonna win even in tough times.