So, you want to be an entrepreneur, but you just weren't born with that skill? Nonsense! Anyone can learn how to be an entrepreneur.

The problem is, that everybody believes entrepreneurs are born, not made. Well, I know that entrepreneurs are not those few gifted geniuses like Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates, or Anita Roddick, they are in every single one of us. But, because nobody thinks like that, few of us ever are taught how to awaken that entrepreneur that lives within each and every one of us.

In order to get in touch with your inner entrepreneur, you must start with a blank piece of paper and beginners' mind. Then, you must let yourself dream. What do you see for yourself and your business in the future?

If you can define these four things, you can build a thriving business:


The end game, or the great result. The higher aim. Why does the world need your business?

(My Dream is to transform the state of entrepreneurship and small business worldwide.)


The mechanism through which the Dream will be realized. The Vision shows you how to achieve the Dream.

(My Vision is to invent the McDonalds of small business development services.)


Ask yourself, 'why' and 'for whom' am I building this business? Your intention.

(My Purpose is to transform the lives of new entrepreneurs and small business owners.)


The task at hand. The actions that need to be carried out. The Mission brings the Dream, Vision & Purpose into reality.

(My Mission is to create the turnkey system through which emerging companies will grow, prosper and flourish, to be delivered at less than the cost of a minimum wage employee, by individuals who have no experience in business development.)

Once you have defined your Dream, Vision, Purpose and Mission, you will have awakened the entrepreneur within. Now roll up your sleeves and get to work building your business!