What else is it that obsesses the mind of a new entrepreneur but his or her Soul?

Soul? Yes, Soul.

But, lacking the ability of any of us to define what the Soul is, or even to buy into the idea that we even have a Soul, most of us, especially the more analytical among us, subconsciously set up a partition between what I'm referring to here as the Soul and what they feel most comfortable obsessing with, which is their Mind.

This partition becomes so firm and immutable that whatever is in the Mind becomes vapor locked into a logic tree whose lack of force and meaning leaves them stutter stepping in a hopelessly flat world.

That stutter stepping, flat world is a world without Soul.

Now don't get me wrong. The Mind can accomplish powerful things.

But the power of those mind-centered things only serves to extend the flatness we surround ourselves with; it does not alter the color, shape, depth or dimension of them.

Only Soul does that.

To better understand the difference between the Mind and the Soul, let's consider some people who exemplify that distinction.

Consider the Soul of Sonny Rollins. Consider the Soul of Charlie Parker. Or consider the Souls of Stan Getz or Ray Charles.

For the average musician, a saxophone is just a saxophone, a piano, just a piano, a voice just a voice, indistinguishable one from the next.

Same horn, same piano, all Mind without Soul.

Until Charlie Parker picked up his sax. Or until Sonny Rollins lifted it to his mouth and his hands. Or until Ray Charles sat down on his piano bench and heard sounds in the same old songs that nobody before or since has heard. And then he played them, just as he heard them, saw them, in his infinite blindness. Or just as Stan Getz did with the Girl from Ipanema. Whoever heard that girl before, the perfume of her, the flavor of her, the swing of her hips and her smile?

Their Souls did that. Not their Minds.

So I would also suggest that it wasn't Steve Jobs' Mind that created Apple. It was the man's Soul.

To know the difference is to open your Mind to the infinite--which is where Soul lives.

Now be careful here. Your mind might be inclined to turn what I've just said into a metaphor.

It isn't.

It's as real as a slab of bacon.

Just eat it.