You've heard the expression before: "the heart of the matter."

And, of course, you know what it means. It's where your feeling center lives. Your emotional center. Not just emotion, however, but what is thought of as your higher emotional center.

Just the expression "higher" gives you a sense that something more is called for in this life we're living.

So for me, every time I write an article or speak to a group of business owners, I feel called to ask a larger question than simply the question of business effectiveness, of business operations, of getting it right, of making it work, of producing greater profit, of producing more income, of getting the most out of our people, of getting the most out of the time we spend doing our thing.

Getting to the heart of the matter tells me that something much bigger than business is called into question the minute we get up every day.

It tells me that something much bigger than business could be, should be, and can be, going on in the places we work.

That something right there is demanding each of us to ask questions we might not even bother to ask, as we put in our time, often in ways that might feel unproductive. Even as we struggle mightily with our seeming incompetence, our seeming lack of creativity, our seeming blind spots, and, yes, our seeming stupidity.

How do our lives matter at the heart of our businesses?

How do we cut to the heart of it when everything at work is calling for us to leap farther and faster than we have the ability to?

How can we get to the heart of the matter when it seems to be constantly running away from us--when our ability to get to the heart of it is not only difficult, but seemingly impossible?

Do you hear what I'm saying? Do you feel how impossible transcendence is when everything that goes on in our businesses every single day is calling us away from it, down to where all the tumult is?

So be it.

So be it that our lives are difficult, often uncreative, and anything but cutting to the heart of it.

So be it, I say, but for this: that you and I have no choice but to remember that the heart of it is everything.

The heart of it is what makes us human. It is present, even when you and I aren't.

The heart of the matter, which is what Working ON it means, as opposed to Working IN it, is that transcendent space which claims our heart, which knows our heart, which feeds our heart.

When we allow ourselves to live in that space, we will suddenly, no matter what has been going on before it, rediscover ourselves.

Entrepreneurs all. Each and every single one of us.