It's true that we all work very hard.

At the same time, it is also true that doubt, fear, and belligerence consume most people in most businesses much of the time.

And it is probably because we work so hard, that we very often feel like we're not being paid enough, earning enough, profiting enough from the work we do.

Or that we're not valued enough, appreciated enough, or respected enough.

Does this sound like you?

Have you ever questioned the validity of how you do what you do?

Or, if you're a business owner, as so many of you are, have you questioned the validity of how your company does what it does?

And is your company perhaps paying a dear price for it?

Well, I believe it is.

And I believe you are as well.

There is a better way to do what you do.

There is a significantly more effective way to accomplish what you believe your company has been designed to accomplish.

I've described the way in my best-selling book, "The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What To Do About It," as well as in the articles I write here every week on Inc. online.

So what is the significantly more effective way to accomplish what you, as a business owner, a self-employed sole proprietor, or an individual employee, want to accomplish?

Well, it can be summed up in this singular idea: Work ON your business rather than just IN it.

When people read this in my E-Myth books and then think about it in relation to themselves and their businesses, they most often respond with something akin to: "That's it! That's the key! That's what we need to do to become a righteous enterprise, an international leader, the gold standard of our industry."

And when people adopt this paradigm whole-heartedly, businesses quickly begin to flourish to a degree they have never flourished before.


Because working ON it is what great entrepreneurs always do.

They wouldn't be great if they didn't do it.

They wouldn't build scalable enterprises if they failed to work ON their companies, rather than just IN their companies.

They wouldn't understand the significance underlying that now almost prosaic statement that "the system is the solution."

Indeed, they wouldn't even understand what a system is, and why it's so significant.

But, hopefully, you do.

That, without a system to do everything your company attempts to do, you can't teach anyone to do it.

You can't predict the outcome of your people's behavior.

You can't predict the success of any action you take, nor the degree of success that action will produce.

The system, dear friends, is a miraculous reality--the reality of everything surrounding us and inside of us.

The system is what eradicates doubt, fear, and belligerence, because when the harmony inherent in a great system comes into being, there is no doubt. There is no fear. And without doubt and fear, there can be no belligerence.

Don't believe me? Just try it.