Are you stuck in your business?

Not sure where to go from here, or how to get there?

Stymied by the economy?

Feeling dull, unimaginative, overwhelmed?

Have a good idea, yearning to try it, but afraid to take the leap?

These are all things that every entrepreneur struggles with at some point in their business. We begin having the same conversation with ourselves that we're always having... about why we can't do this, or do that. About the lack of money we think we need in order to attract new people, new clients, new opportunities, and new results. We become swamped with work, but less productive than we need to be. Doing it, doing it, doing it, but not really getting it done.

The key to getting out of it is discovering what's got you stuck, and then devising an ingenious way to get free of it.

In order to get your mojo working, you must fall in love. You know those butterflies--that juice--that falling in love produces in you? That's the magic you need to recapture. Falling in love with who, you ask? With yourself, of course. With your business. You must become interested in your business again.

Think about the world of business in the mind of an entrepreneur.  There are four essential components to it: the Dream, the Vision, the Purpose and The Mission.

So, in order to get unstuck, you must go back to the beginning, and reignite the passion behind your Dream. Clarify your Vision. Articulate your Purpose. And find the magic in your Mission.

Take out a piece of paper, and answer these questions for your own business:

The Entrepreneur's Dream defines the Great Result your company is designed to produce. Why did you start your business? What was missing in the marketplace? What need do you fill? Get clear on what you offer and why it's important.

The Entrepreneur's Vision designs the form your company will take. Create a flowchart for your company's structure. What's working? What isn't? Who or what do you need to make it work? Try to streamline the infrastructure to produce maximum result for minimal expenditure.

The entrepreneur's Purpose outlines the impact your company will have on your most important customer. Create a profile of your ideal customer. Who are they? What do they want? What's most important to them, and how can your company fill that need?

The entrepreneur's Mission determines how your business will be built as an intelligent system. Do you have systems in place? What tasks in your business can be systematized? (So that any employee could do them as well as you could.) The more you can create systems to run your business, the more freedom you will have as a business owner, and the more consistently the work will be performed in your absence.

To understand the process you have to go through the process. You can re-visit these four concepts any time you feel like you are spinning your wheels. By getting in touch with your Dream, Vision, Purpose and Mission, the next steps will be clear. You can get unstuck, and get on with the business of growing your company.