Going farther or getting higher? Which one of these are you up to on a daily basis?

Do most of us even recognize the difference?

Getting higher than we are means leaving our feet, and even our bodies, behind. Said in another way, it means stepping out of the box we've built around ourselves and taking a leap.

Going farther, on the other hand, is what most of us choose to do most of the time. And, as a result, nothing ever truly changes.

Most people I meet, unfortunately, have lost the ability, and often, even worse, the desire to take the leap that's necessary to get higher.

Which leads to this invitation - an invitation from me to you - to travel to a foreign country, without anything you hold to be your own: your possessions, your opinions, your ordinary speech, your traditions, your beliefs, your personality dressed up like it is.

Because, if you cannot leave all of that stuff behind, then you're going to take it all with you. And when you do that, you are simply changing one hat for another one, one place for another one, and bringing everything you believe you know with you. Which means you are not going to get higher than you are if you insist upon doing what you already know how to do.

No, you are not going to go up, but simply farther.

Change, but not transformation. Farther, but not higher.

When I talk to business owners about what Working ON It means, the intent is to help them extract themselves from "doing it, doing it, doing it," and instead to rise above it all to find something they'd never found before, to invent something they had never thought of before.

That's why Working ON It is all about getting higher than we are, by leaving ourselves behind.

It's about opening the window to a higher, more elevated, more expansive view, and taking the leap into a more elevated, more expansive world than the one they, you, we, have been living in. Which, when it happens, always blows our minds!

It recalls a time when I was working with a group of chiropractors. One of them, I'll call her Judy, said, "In the short time since I've changed my focus from Working IN It, to Working ON It, my entire life has changed! I have invented a new system, which I've tested, which is stunning, and which I have already begun to use in my own practice, and which has had a huge impact on my patients..."

And as she went on to describe what happened to her, with thirteen other chiropractors in attendance as well, Judy was sobbing, all because she went higher than she had ever gone before, and suddenly came face to face with an opportunity she had never seen before!

Transformation - the experience of it, the drama of it, the surprise of it, the wrenching suddenness of it - is always more explosive than we dare to think.

And isn't that what this is all about?

So what are you waiting for? Get with it.

There are tears of joy waiting for you, too. And even more.