What would your company look like in a state of systemic eloquence?

Think about that for a moment...

Maybe you're not sure what I mean by "systemic eloquence."

Let me explain what I mean, and tell you why I think it's imperative, not only that you understand it, but that you begin the process of getting there right away.

Usually we use the word "eloquence" to describe how someone speaks--with fluency, elegance, and a well-phrased, moving choice of words.

Think of the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., or Maya Angelou, for example.

But "eloquent" can also be used to describe anything that's movingly expressive, like a classic painting, an impressive building, a magnificently engineered automobile--or a transformative business, like a McDonalds, or a Starbucks, or an Apple.

Which brings us to what I mean by "systemic eloquence," and why you should be striving for it right now.

Systemic eloquence, as you might surmise from what I've just said, is simply the state in which your business systems work together to produce a movingly expressive company.

By this definition, then, systemic eloquence has three essential components:

1. Every activity of your business is documented in a turnkey, teachable system that produces the desired result reliably and predictably.

2. The systems all work together in an integrated, congruent and harmonious way, and your team is engaged in continually improving them.

3. The systems are all in the service of producing a customer-focused result--the purpose for which your company exists in the first place.

Please realize that this description is a capsule summary only.

I could write reams and reams about it. And I have. After all, I have spent the past 40 years talking and writing about this very subject.

Above and beyond the brief definition I've just given you, systemic eloquence is what puts the music and poetry into what your business does, day in and day out.

And it's what inspires your people to implement those systems, not with some sort of rote obedience, but with the self-satisfaction that comes from realizing, and contributing to, their higher purpose.

Systemic eloquence is at the core of what I believe about business, entrepreneurship, and what it takes for a business to succeed.

It's what I mean when I say you must work ON your business, not just IN it, every day.

Working IN it is when you work on producing the product or delivering the service that your company sells. When you repair the car, or fix the leaky faucet, or prepare the tax returns, etc., for your customers.

Working ON the business is when you create, document, test, teach, and innovate the systems that show people how the work of your business is to be done.

Working ON the business is what you do to achieve the state of systemic eloquence that I've been describing.

By working ON your company, continuously, with an entrepreneur's state of mind, you will begin to take your company from hope and good wishes to a state of systemic eloquence.

Which is, when being done, a thing of sheer beauty.