I believe in the timeliness of entrepreneurship. That to commit to the growth of your company is to commit to the reinvention of your company. And that both of these commitments are part and parcel of the entrepreneur in you.

The conversation about growth and reinvention must occur now, in real time. Not sometime in the future. The world is changing now, in real time, even as I write these words to you.

But--and here's the problem that we as entrepreneurs need to address--your company isn't being changed right now. In fact, most companies are hanging on for dear life, hoping that the changes that are going on in the world won't upset whatever precarious balance your company has secured.

And even if this doesn't sound like your company at this very moment, you know that the tide can change in an instant.

How much of your time do you spend working IN your business, and how much of your time do you spend working ON it?

As you answer this question, it raises another: What value do you place on the application of your time and your attention, when measured by the impact it has on the ability of your company to grow and re-invent itself?

And as you answer that question, what impact do you suppose your answer has on the ability of your company to differentiate itself successfully from each and every one of your competitors?

You see, awakening the entrepreneur within you is the most important single decision you, as a business owner, manager, or employee, can make. It will decide who you are, what you do, why you do it, where you will go in the future, how you will get there, and what you will do once you get there. All of that begins right now, at the very beginning of your company. Of your career. Of your job. Of your life.

Every single moment of every single day is the beginning of a new moment, a new day, a new company, a new life. There is no denying it.

As you read these words, you are--at this very moment--making a decision that will forever shape the rest of your life. The rest of your company's life. The rest of the world's life.

The only question is whether or not you will come to realize it!

If you do come to realize it, then the question becomes whether or not you are ready to make the decision to act, now, and not wait, to follow the decision you've made. That is what new entrepreneurs do every single day.

They make the decision to act, with great energy, with great imagination, with great purpose, with great intention, with great enthusiasm, to design and then redesign the world.

What an extraordinary choice they have made!