There's a beautiful song from the musical "The Man of La Mancha." You probably know it. It begins: To dream the impossible dream...

Yes, the impossible dream.

That's the ticket.

It reminds me of a mantra I often impart to business owners who complain that this or that is too difficult, or that they don't know how to turn their company around or, worse yet, that something just can't be done.

I say to them, "What's the one thing that's impossible to do but, if it could be done, would change everything?"

When my partner and I started our business back in 1977, countless people said that what we were attempting just couldn't be done. But we did it anyway, and it harkened in what has become today's multi-billion-dollar business coaching industry.

Some dream, wasn't it?

So I say to you that it's the dream that is at the heart of a new business.

If it's a great dream, a great idea, it's about a great business.

But if it's a small dream, a small idea, it's about a small business.

Only a great dream has the power within it to create and sustain a great business. A great business doesn't have to be a big business, but it will have the power to become one.

A great dream, the entrepreneurial dream, contrary to what many may say, is not a personal dream, but an impersonal one; it appears when you are thinking of someone other than yourself.

The entrepreneur rarely thinks in terms of what he or she wants, but dreams about results--always results and nothing but results--that can solve someone else's problem or contribute to making someone else's life better.

The entrepreneur who is a true dreamer lives in the future, imagines a result happening in the future, and when he or she sees this imagined result coming to life in the future, a problem that lives in the present is solved.

Results transform the world, and a great dream creates results. That's what this thing we call "business" is really all about.

So it is time, my friends, to dream.

It's time to care about something bigger than you.

It's time to imagine something sorely needed in the world, something of value that people would gladly and willingly pay to have.

It's time to look around your world and ask yourself, "What's missing in this picture? Where do I see a need? What can I do to produce value for someone else?"

Everywhere you look there are opportunities to see something missing in the picture if, that is, you look with interest, with curiosity, and with caring.

Look closely.

You'll see services that aren't being provided as promised. You'll see products that don't perform as they should. You'll see people doing without or having difficulty where there could be ease.

What do you see?

What's missing in the picture of your life and the lives of those around you?

How many opportunities can you discover--just waiting to be discovered--to transform the life of someone else?

How many ways do you see to begin the pursuit of the impossible?

And what are you going to do about it?