If you are like most people in business today, your phone is, statistically speaking, never more than three feet from your hand at any time during the day. You use it for scheduling, checking email dozens of times a day, and checking - for the umpteenth time - this or that social media platform.

It's a phone.

I'm not here to debate the relative merit of social media or the value of connectivity, but too many times, the actual use and application of a telephone (business or otherwise) is forgotten about in our haste to use the myriad of apps - ranging from angry birds to schedulers - instead of the person-to-person communicative tool that your smartphone can be.

In short, a phone used for business is a phone that makes money.

Are you using it as such or are you using it to occupy time during the workday?

Over the last few weeks, we've been discussing ways in which small business owners and entrepreneurs lose time in their day instead of spend that time to grow their businesses and guess what the single biggest "time suck" is on your own productivity?

That phone in your pocket.

Here's my challenge to you: download another app for your phone to track how much time you spend actually using the phone to grow your business versus kill time.

What are the rules? Simple - if you are scheduling a meeting - that's a business usage. Making a sales call? Yep - a business usage. Checking in on social media?

Time waster.

Here's the problem with phones - they are a ready-made diversion from the considerably harder work of growing a business. After all, isn't it more fun to download a racing game to play on the train ride into the city than it is to build an organizational chart?

Sure it is.

Play the game at home, build NewCo while you are at work.

Simple as that.

You see, you're stealing time from your business when you go to fight that final battle while you wait on clients to return your call. Stop it. Make another call! In fact, as we discussed last time, metrics and measurable results go hand in hand, so if you find that it's easy to make 20 sales call on any given day, why not bump that to 25 calls? 30? Don't look at a goal achieved as a job completed, look at it as a chance to improve based on the feedback you've just given yourself.

The Entrepreneur sees this clearly: "I've been able to easily make 20 calls each day, I need to change my system to reflect 25 calls each day to reach my sales targets."

The Technician sees it just as easily: "I've made my 20 calls, time to quit for the day!"

Which one of those pays better?

Which one of those creates something of value in their lives and a Great, Growing Company that inspires and attracts other professionals to join them? In the end, the success that you and your company grow to enjoy will not be based on the apps on your phone but on the time you've spent to build and structure your company to be better than others in the field.

Finding the time to do that is up to you, but knowing that it is available for you to claim, even when you're "busy, busy, busy" is paramount to your success now and in the future.