Grant Cardone calls them "haters." A lot of people call them critics. 

No matter what, even though their criticisms can sting or annoy you, their opinion really can't mean much to you, because they aren't the people buying your products nor are they the ones paying your bills.

They are, ultimately, simply busybodies with opinions.

The challenge, of course, when dealing with haters is that we are all wired to value the opinion of others.  Human beings are social creatures and from childhood we try to conform.  Most people, ultimately, want to make others happy - or at least not make them mad.  When you coalesce your Dream, Vision, Purpose, and Mission into your very own company and put your great idea out for sale, guess what?

You're going to have haters.  The critics will worry about the car you drive, your company's spending habits, your financial success, and every decision you make ... why?

Because they don't have anything better to do.  It's likely they haven't had the courage to walk in your shoes, write your book, build your company, live your life.  Like a lot of other people in the world, though, they have an opinion and they are willing to share it.  If they can turn it into a funny post on social media, all the better. 

You need to get those types of critics out of your head - and quickly.  As soon as you begin to take actions based on what your neighbors will think, what the "man on the street" will think, or what anyone who isn't your target audience will think, you begin to manage your business around the expectations of people who aren't buying your services or just don't need them.  Make decisions based on the core values you have for yourself and your company and remember - the people that are in a position to be judgmental probably don't care what your decisions is - they've got their own work to do.  Criticizing you randomly is not one of the tasks on their list! 

None of that matters in the real world, though.  You are going to have critics and haters no matter what, so embrace it!  You don't have to listen to them because you'll never make them happy.  Haters, after all, are going to hate.

So how can you keep the haters out of your head?  That's what we're really talking about.  Here's four ways to keep the conversation in your brain focused on your business, not your critics' ideas...

·         Build your company based on your values.  I've talked about this time and again - your business must be built and in alignment with your Dream, Vision, Purpose and Mission.  If your company's values aren't your values change them!

·         Silence the "Inner Hater."  Quit beating yourself up over your actions.  You took them, own them.  Repair the damage, create ways that will prevent such mistakes again, and then get back in the saddle.  At no point can you allow your inner voice to cast doubt,  only suggest improvements.

·         Acknowledge the outcomes.  In the end, what's the worst thing that could happen?  You could go out of business or be financially devastated, of course.  Guess what?  You knew that when you opened the doors!  THAT wasn't why you opened your company, though, was it?  Not at all.  The myriad of fantastic outcomes far outweigh the handful of bad ones, or you never would have become an entrepreneur.

·         Listen to the people that count.  Your customers and your target market are the critics that count.  Not only are they the folks paying the bills, they are the folks that will continue to pay your bills.  They have a vested interest in your company, so it really does pay to listen to them and their criticisms!

Any action you take that is worth noticing is going to be noticed by critics - they live for those opportunities.  When you choose to listen to that unwarranted criticism, though, you run the risk of being derailed from your goals and missions within your company.  You can't listen to them and you can't make them go away, so use that negative energy to keep yourself focused - just never lose sight of the fact that a lot of this is simply noise that distracts you from your real goals - creating an Enterprise!

Published on: Apr 20, 2018
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