Imagine getting to a place where there was nothing left to do. Your company is running like a well-oiled machine, systems effectively control how the company works and you have hired, trained, and put together a powerful management team with its own systems as well.

So now what do you do?

Sit still?

Sitting around patting yourself on the back can be a recipe for disaster. All too often, with stability comes stagnation and more than one entrepreneur has begun to feel trapped by what they once viewed as success.

Certainly, they don't say that aloud. They use terms like "burned out" or they take a "sabbatical" to "recharge" but, in fact, they are suffering from stability.

They are suffering because they never thought to set their sights higher.

I'd challenge any entrepreneur worthy of the name to tell me that once their company is designed, built, and running effectively they would simply cash out their ownership and walk away from business altogether.

It may seem like a great idea, but 99 out of 100 wouldn't do it.

What about setting your own sights and goals on something truly world-shaping?

Solving problems that are really problems, not just frustrations? Ones that demand attention because they are changing the status quo - reorganizing an industry, disrupting the way that business is done and creating a palpable difference - instead of reinforcing the status quo?

The very real fact is that too many small businesses fail for a variety of reasons but I'd venture a guess that most of the failures have nothing to do with aiming too high.

Why is that?

Have we become conditioned to mediocrity?

Are we afraid that someone will steal our great idea and then abscond with the earnings that our new venture would surely have earned?

Let me pose this question to you - if your idea is so frightfully powerful, so technologically disruptive, so paradigm-shifting that you effectively create an entirely new market, isn't there room in that market for anyone who chooses to join it?

A few short decades ago, there was not a market for business development coaching, or personal computers, or smart phones.

The markets were created.

The status quo was disrupted by a few visionaries that understood that their products and services were so big that nobody could fail to acknowledge their importance.

Are your sights set high enough in your business?

Are your dreams big enough in your business?

Are you asking the same questions that everyone else is or are you actively seeking to reprogram what we've collectively been taught to take as "normal?"

What is normal and why is it so great? It's average. A house, a spouse, 2.4 kids, perhaps a pet, and a couple of cars you don't own yet. Even worse? It's the relentless pursuit of the one thing that we all claim to not want! Do you want an "average" spouse? Kids that get "average" grades?

You don't want average in your life outside of work, so why would you allow it inside the business you've built?

That's the heart of true entrepreneurship - the desire to do something that nobody else is doing and to take it to never before dreamed of heights far and away from the status quo. Just as importantly, learning to differentiate between a successful business idea and a successful business model is critical to your success ... and we'll talk about that next time.