No doubt you have a number of different ways to evaluate what's going on in your business.

From daily sales figures to weekly status reports to monthly P&L statements.

From walkthroughs to meetings to feedback surveys.

And the list goes on.

That's because there is a near infinite number of ways to see a business.

Everything that goes on inside your business, from how many sales you make to how many paper clips you use, can be measured, reviewed, analyzed, and evaluated.

Ad infinitum.

Ad nauseum, sometimes.

So let me suggest a fresh approach.

Not for the sake of doing something different.

But for the sake of seeing your business in a new light, for seeing what you can't see any other way.

Because our day-to-day view of things can be so limited.

So let's take a view from above, from the place that I'm calling the Top.

From the Top of your business, see your customers.

See how they find out about you, how they arrive at your place of business, how they interact with your website, how they respond to your employees.

Next, from the Top of your business, see your employees.

See their level of passion and commitment. See how they work collaboratively or how they work at odds with one another. See how they take care of customers.

Finally, from the Top of your business, see yourself.

See the work you do and the work you don't do. See where your attention goes. See where you get information from, who you interact with, and how you communicate.

See it all. From this new perspective. From the Top.

Now having seen, now what?

Now come the questions. The questions that shape your new perspective.

What's working in your business the way it's supposed to, and what's not working?

How do you even know when things are working? Do you have objective ways of measuring outcomes? Are you measuring what's important?

Are your employees engaged or just going through the motions?

Are customers connecting with your brand? Are you providing them with something they perceive as preferentially unique, or would they be just as happy with a competitor's product?

And, finally, can you see what's missing from your business, from your view here at the Top?

These are the questions that will help you see the next step.

These are the questions that give meaning to all those reports and figures and statements and memos and meetings. To all the data that bombards you every day.

So now we come to the conclusion of your journey to the Top.

There are no hot tips, no sage advice, no stock answers here.

Other than to pay attention to the questions and know that the answers are there for you to find.

Because you must.

And the inevitable conclusion that now, having seen, you will want to take this journey to the Top again and again, because the insight you have gained from this new perspective can't be found by staying in the C-suite.