People look aghast at me when I tell them that I've just launched a new enterprise.  Some seem to think that I should be sitting quietly in some beachside hamlet, spending freely and eating local delicacies, others think that I should tonsure my hair and join a monastery, and still others are adamant that I have already retreated up into the mountains like Zarathustra to live in a cave and seek the friendship of animals.


Not happening.

In fact, I'm busier than I have been in years as a result of my own Dream - remember, we talked about yours last time, let me tell you a little about mine - I call it Radical U.

When I published Beyond the E-Myth two years ago, the content outlined the path that any given business should take from before it opens until it is sold by the entrepreneur who created it.  On the Eightfold Path - starting with that Dream and ending in an Enterprise - our entrepreneur designs, builds, scales, and then sells that Dream company. 

The content also outlined my new Dream - not my first one from years ago at the Michael Thomas Corporation, "to transform the state of small business worldwide" but a newer, far more important one - "to BECOME the Preeminent provider of Economic Development Services Worldwide to Transform the State of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Spiritually and Economically."

For the last forty years, I've been observing, helping, teaching, and listening to small business owners.

The excuses, the reasons, the ideas, the pitfalls, and, ultimately, the successes.  My team and I have worked hand in hand with over 100,000 small business clients and, as the years passed, it became apparent that "fixing" a broken business was reactionary.

Showing these same men and women how they could create a properly functioning business they actually enjoyed building was a far better idea.  Couple that with the idea of documenting a path to sell that business and the knowledge of how they could do it all over again and you'll understand how important this dream has become for me.  The truth, as I've come to understand it, is that no one else in the small business space was better prepared to understand this than me.

And if I didn't do it, who would?

No one.

People would sell ways to fix the symptoms of a failing business - a marketing platform, a new way to deliver tired old content, and ways to make failing owners more efficient at failing, but no one else had the data and the experience to realize how to take a broken business and quit fixing it.

In other words, to scrap the whole shebang and start fresh.

And not to start fresh with the same tired business plan wrapped in a new font, but to start with a series of completely new ideas - a Dream, a Vision, a Purpose, and a Mission that were all fully formed before the corporate documents had ever been written.  A dream that quit trying to make owners out of business people and instead, teach business people how to be entrepreneurs - by actually designing and building their own company from the first Dream to the eventual acquisition.

The result?  A company that was designed for an entrepreneur, not an owner. 

And an entrepreneur that has the skills to do it over and over again.

Radical, isn't it?