Wherever you are, whatever business you're in, however you do business today, I promise you, everything has already changed so dramatically everywhere in the world that no matter what you want to believe, no matter how you do business, no matter what business you believe you're in, you must immediately rethink everything you do and how you do it.

Wow! Did I really just say that? That you must rethink and redo everything? And that you must do it immediately?

Yes, I did.


That means, now. Not in ten minutes. Not tomorrow. Not tonight, or in your next management meeting. Not later on when you take a break, or go to lunch, or do your meditation. Not when you're accustomed to doing these kinds of things that have seemingly nothing to do with all the stuff you've got to get done just to keep your business alive. Do it now. That's what "immediately" means in what I am calling the Age of the New Entrepreneur.

So, that's the purpose of this column: to provide you with a platform--call it your immediacy platform--from which to launch, immediately, a new mindset if you're to become a New Entrepreneur in this Age of the New Entrepreneur.

This means that you must embrace an intense, paradigm-busting frame of mind, which brings you right here, right now, right this very second. It speaks to a part of you that normally operates out of fear, or threat, or danger. Because fear, threat and danger lead to doubt, complacency and paralysis, which are the enemies of entrepreneurship and, therefore, the enemies of your company and your customers.

A mentality infiltrated by fear is exactly the opposite of what this "immediacy" mindset I'm discussing with you here is driven by.

This leads to the subject of time. Believe it or not, there is no time any longer.

I say that there is no longer any time because what is going to happen has already happened, is already happening, at this very exact, specific, look-at-your-watch-right-now moment, in climes and places and minds that would shatter your beliefs, your hopes, your attitudes, your understanding, your knowledge, your skills, your products or services, your plans, beyond belief.

And, even worse, beyond your present ability to do anything about it.

That brings us to the immediacy platform. Do you have an explicit method for becoming present when there is no time to think, to plan, to analyze--when the changes that are swirling around you are on the verge of overwhelming you?

If you don't, here's an immediacy platform I can offer you. I call it The Explicit Pattern For Being Present When There Is No Time.

Step One: Stop. Breathe deeply. Stop. Breathe deeply again. Now do it again.

Step Two: Ask yourself, "What happened?" Ask yourself again, "What happened?" Now ask yourself a third time, "What happened?"

Step Three: Answer the question: "What happened?" Answer the question again, "What happened?" Now answer the question a third time, "What happened?"

So, that's it. It may seem simplistic. It may seem obvious. No matter. Try it. That's the Explicit Pattern for Being Present When There Is No Time.

That's the platform for pursuing the presence that's necessary for you to awaken the New Entrepreneur within you, and to transform your fears and perceived threats and dangers into clarity, action and commitment.