As promised, today we're going to speak about the fourth essential part of the entrepreneurial puzzle, The Leader.

The Leader works in concert with the other three dimensions of the entrepreneurial personality, The Dreamer, The Thinker, and The Storyteller, which I've written about in previous columns.

Defining and manifesting the Mission is what The Leader is here to do: to take The Dream, The Vision and The Purpose of his or her organization and turn them into reality. That's The Leader's Mission.

The Leader takes the contributions of The Dreamer, The Thinker, and The Storyteller, coalesces The Dream, The Vision, and The Purpose they embody, and transforms them into the plan for making them a living, breathing reality--an enterprise not only in the entrepreneur's mind, but in the world of our shared experience. The idea of it made manifest. The reality.

But not just any reality, and not just any Mission. In our Leader's manifesto, it is a righteous reality, a world-class reality, a reality which lives inherently within the organization he or she is accountable for as the blood lives within your body, as the cells comprising your body breathe life into it, indeed are it, indeed are the systemic universe of which you are made.

The Leader is the one who assumes responsibility for moving The Dream forward, for knowing where it's going, how and when it's going to get there, and what it will look like when it arrives.

The Leader must do more than promote The Dream, The Vision, The Purpose, and The Mission by saying all the right things and taking all the appropriate actions. He or she must be enthralled by them. You know the difference, of course. I'm speaking of a Leader who authentically touches people's hearts and spirits, as well as their minds.

Such is an extraordinary organization, the composite of The Dream, The Vision, The Purpose and The Mission at the heart of the one who created it. And as such, it is the driving force that brings it to life on the street. By whom? Well, by The Leader of course. But, not only by The Leader, but by the leaders who report to The Leader, and the teams who report to them.

So now it's time to look around your organization and see the reality of it. What reality have you created? Is it a reality that reflects the original Dream, or has it become distorted? Are you taking ownership of what you created, or has the current reality taken ownership of you?

And now that you've taken stock, are you The Leader who has the courage to put your enterprise on the right track--the righteous track?

So reset your Mission, recommit yourself to it, and get going! There's no time to waste.