In a free market system, we have to come to grips with the fact that all of the stakeholders of the business--the customers, the employees, the lenders, and the suppliers--as well as the owners of the business, are continually needing, needing, needing.

And what is it that they are needing?

Unfortunately, in a free market system, all of them are needing exactly the same thing--MORE!

More of what?

Why, more of everything!

But don't people understand that there's only so much a business can give?

Well, no, in fact, they don't.

In spite of what most of us believe, businesses are not invented only by those people who start them, the so-called entrepreneurs among us.

In a free market system, businesses are invented by all of us--by each and every one of us.

And we, the people, invent businesses for a very special reason.

The reason we invent businesses in a free market system, like ours in the United States, is to do one thing, and only one thing: to create MORE.

Businesses in a free market system are the instruments through which people get MORE.

In all other systems, businesses are the instruments through which most people hopefully get enough (but rarely do), while some people--some very few people--get the MORE that everyone else isn't getting.

But in a free market system, everyone is supposed to get MORE.

The problem with the free market system is that when everyone doesn't get the MORE that they want, bad things start to happen. People get angry. They get disappointed. They get resentful.

And then your business feels the pinch. Customers become disloyal. Employees quit. Lenders raise their rates. Suppliers tighten their terms.

That's the part of the free market system that very few people in business seem to fully understand. That's the "MORE Mentality."

A business in the free market system is only justifiable in the minds of people, is only tolerated in the minds of people, is only permitted to exist in the minds of people, if the business learns how to continuously give them MORE.

A business is intended to be a perpetual motion machine, the only purpose of which is to find ways to give people MORE.

A business is a mechanism of interrelated systems designed to produce MORE for the continually rising expectations of people in a free market system.

And in a free market system, the minute a business forgets these things, the minute a business stops providing MORE, the minute a business begins to ignore its sole purpose for being in a free market system--its raison d'être--it ceases playing the game called business.

It begins to play the game called good-bye.

So, which is it for your business: MORE or good-bye?

Published on: Jul 14, 2016
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