Employee engagement is a hot topic for most businesses.

There is no lack of expert advice in the form of books, magazine articles, motivational seminars, and consulting strategies that you and your human resources team can turn to for motivating your people and, ultimately, getting them to care as much about your business as you do - or, at least, to perform as if they do.

From team meetings, to reward programs, to suggestion boxes, to "casual Fridays," to game rooms, to rest areas, to coaching your managers on how to communicate more effectively, to all of the other tips and techniques that continue to be extolled - well, it's enough to make your head spin and certainly enough to keep your HR department busy, busy, busy.

But the million-dollar question, of course, is do any of these tactics actually work?

And, if you can even demonstrate that they do, are they worth the time, effort, and expense you're putting into them?

Or are they just drawing attention and resources away from other critical aspects of the business at hand?

I have a much simpler, much more powerful and compelling solution for you.

It's called: The Story of Your Business

The Story of Your Business becomes the spirit that mobilizes it, and you, as well as everyone who works for it (and buys from it, lends to it, and supplies it), and extends even beyond the walls of your company to impact everyone in your community, however large or small your community might be.

Without "Your Story," your business is reduced to just plain work.

"Your Story" should reflect an idealized version of your business and create a vivid picture of what your business should be and why.

When your people hear the impassioned words of "Your Story" and see for themselves the picture it creates, it gives them a compelling target to strive for in their own work as they put it into action every day through the implementation and continuous improvement of the systems you've created.

"Your Story" is paramount because it is the encapsulation of your entrepreneurial Dream, Vision, Purpose and Mission. As such, "Your Story" is not just Any Story; it's "Your Story," the Story you must love.

Do you imagine that Walt Disney loved his Disneyland Story? Or Debbie Fields her Mrs. Fields Cookies Story? What about Fred Smith's Federal Express Story, Ray Kroc's McDonald's Story, or Howard Schultz's Starbucks Story?

Do you think these people loved their stories? Do you think that others loved to hear them, and still do?

I daresay that all successful entrepreneurs love the Story of their businesses.

Because that's what true entrepreneurs do: they tell stories that come to life in the form of their businesses, and then they live them!

So get into the storytelling zone.

Behave as if it means everything to you and show no hesitation when telling it.

Tell "Your Story" with passion and conviction.

Tell it with precision.

Never hurry when telling "Your Story." Let it be unveiled, slowly.

Look your people straight in the eyes and tell "Your Story" as if it were the most important one they'll ever hear about business.

Because it will be, for them, just as it is for you, since you are asking them to pour their hearts and souls, their brains and imagination, their time, commitment, and sweaty persistence into it, just as you are doing.

Remember, a great Story never fails.

A great Story is always a joy to hear.

"Your Story" - the greatest short story on the planet.