Few things influence the shape our days will take as much as how we begin them.

Now I'm not speaking here about those usual tidbits of advice for "starting your day off right," such as "get enough sleep," "wake up the same time every day," "have a good breakfast," and the like.

No, I'm talking here about the intention of how you start your day, the very mindset of it, the profound essence of it.

Think for a moment about your role as an entrepreneur and even about the word "entrepreneur" itself. Is it just a word amongst all the other words we so cavalierly throw around every day, or does it have meaning that goes beyond the letters on this page?

To me, the word "entrepreneur" is significant. It begins with "entre," which brings to mind an entering, a beginning, a welcoming. So the very word reminds us that an entrepreneur is at the beginning of something, at the entrance to something, celebrating, if you will, the invitation at the front door.

At the front door of what, you might ask?

At the front door of life, of some venture.

At the front door of the day, the minute, the next event.

At the beginning of creation and at the front door of who-knows-what-is-coming-up-next.

That is why starting your day is such a significant moment in your life - because you will never start this very day again. Never. You will never be welcomed by life into this very day, this very moment, this very second, ever again.

To experience that deeply is no small thing. To truly experience what I just said is more awesome than you can possibly appreciate right now, at this moment, as I invite you to enter this unique state of mind.

Starting your day in a very intentional way is the most important commitment you can possibly make because your day is shaped by it. If you are present when you awake, you can take one intentional moment and say, "I am." Slowly, with intention, say, "I am."

If you feel that, then you are ready to continue with, "I am here." Say it to yourself, right now: "I am here."

And now, having said, "I am here," please say, "I am here to create." Say it again: "I am here to create."

Are you here for anything other than that - for anything other than to be alive, to be exactly where you are, and to be a creative force in this world?

Can you imagine what the impact of knowing that, awakening that, inspiring that, believing that would have on the beginning and entirety of your day?

When you embrace each day with this kind of intention and direction, you are entering that entrepreneurial space where magic and transformation happen.

Because the start is where it all starts.