I just received an email at 4:22 AM, offering me the opportunity to participate in a teleconference that promises to show me how to earn $100,000 in only one hour a day. (The email later says that it's $100,000 a year by spending only an hour a day for the entire year. But still not bad, right?)

Of course, the teleconference is being delivered by a "multi-millionaire" who is "sharing his secrets" with us. So, here I am, writing to you all, at 4:32 AM doing absolutely the opposite of what I'm certain the multi-millionaire would tell me to do: selling nothing, making nothing, simply keeping a promise I made to you, and to myself, to share the things I have learned that, for all practical purposes, have little or nothing to do with becoming a multi-millionaire, but simply becoming a gloriously effective human being.

Boy, I hope that's enough for you.

To become a gloriously effective human being: not driven by money and the unrelenting need for excesses of it. Driven instead by a calling at the center of yourself, a calling which is quiet, determined, joyful. Determined to discover what it means to become "a gloriously effective human being."

First of all, I believe the core word is "gloriously" as opposed to "effective." There's something heroic about the word "gloriously," is there not? Something which goes so far beyond the need for money.

Something which goes so far beyond the need to get more.

Something which goes so far beyond the lure of gaining the "secret," which says someone knows something the rest of us don't. (And they are always multi-millionaires, aren't they? And if they weren't multi-millionaires, why would we bother listening to them?)

Because isn't that what "the secret" always promises?

The something we don't have?

The something that would make all the difference in our lives?

The money?

The $100,000 promise for only an hour?

The "Millionaire Next Door" promise which will blow our ever-loving minds?

The "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" promise (which one would YOU rather be?!), which will turn our futile lives upside down--if not immediately, something pretty close to that?

Well, dear friends, business owners, entrepreneurs, workers of the world, take your pick. I've got news for you: It has NEVER been about the money. Because if it were, you'd be sunk.

Indeed, if it's all about the money, your soul is lost, never to be retrieved. You've made your pact with the Devil, and he's right now eating you for lunch. And his appetite is insatiable.

As the need for money is.

As the hunger for money has always been.

Now, does that mean that your business is NOT about money? No, of course not. It simply means that a great business, meaning a REALLY great business, is about the word "glorious"--which is not an adjective that will ever be applied to the need, the hunger, or the lust for money.

Which means you will NEVER be "gloriously" rich!

You could be obscenely rich, as Donald Trump is. You could be obscenely obsessed about money, as all the information marketers are. You could be obscenely determined to "get rich," as everyone who isn't rich from time to time gets.

But, if you are, and if you do become so obsessed, you will have wasted all of that glorious energy, all of that glorious time, all that glorious soul each of us possesses, on a trip going nowhere, spending everything, for the nothing that the promise of money, the lure of money, the compulsion of money has always produced when you're finally done.

It's not about the money.

It's about the extraordinary feeling that comes from having created something spectacularly effective, which produces something that transforms the lives of ordinary people, by giving them something which feeds their soul, their being, their truly meaningful, unadulterated lives.

At least that's what I've discovered.

How about you?