Today I'm going to address the quadrant of the entrepreneurial personality known as The Storyteller. The Storyteller lives alongside The Dreamer, The Thinker, and The Leader, and together they comprise the four essential dimensions of the true entrepreneur.

Of course, you all know about The Story.

The Story of your enterprise is the one that captures the imagination of those you're determined to touch, move, engage, and, if at all conceivable, transform.

I've spoken about Steve Jobs in my earlier articles but, of course, that's not a surprise to anyone, as it seems these days everyone hopes to capitalize on the Jobs mythos--it's so huge, so enticing, so, well, easily exploited.

But, that's not why I refer to him so often. My wish is to use Jobs as the exemplar he most certainly has been for all of us: An icon of magnificent scale. A wonderworker beyond anyone's sense of extraordinary. A master at mastership. Fluid, fierce, bold and belligerent.

Steve Jobs was the prince of Storytellers, the king of the Unknown, the creator of another world, beyond anything any of us had imagined before he did, let alone the courage to pursue it with everything he had, and many times, with even more.

That's at the heart of The Storyteller. The Storyteller is not just there to sell us a bill of goods--Jobs never did that. The Storyteller is there to unravel the mysteries of the universe, to unfold the static world, and to lay it out like it has never been seen before.

The Storyteller's force is primal, and stunning, leaving us wondering where that came from. The Story should hit you, like, "Pow!" Like, "For goodness sake, I was raised in Newark, and nobody in Newark had ever told me that before!"

So the Story, gang. The Story. Sometimes it comes to you as if by magic, but most often it only comes through a wrestling match of titanic proportions. It took me almost 8 years to discover the story that was worthy of my Dream, the Story that was to make my life! Eight long years before that story rolled off of my tongue like a slippery widget rolls off the end of a production line, without any help, without a push--just, ahh, slippery. Yes, just like that.

There's so much more to this tale, of course. Much, much more than I can share with you here. But, if you keep coming back every week, I promise you we'll get to the heart of it, and then come to the heart of it again. Then, given that the heart of it lives at the heart of you, we'll come to it again and yet again, just like the Upanishads promised to do, just like Zen Mind Beginner's Mind promised to do, just like every meditation worth its salt promises to do.

And of course, if we're here to do anything, how could it be anything other than a meditation?

So you see how it goes. Until our next meditation, then, think about the story of your company. Do you even have a story to tell? Is it a Compelling, Knock-Their-Socks-Off Story--or is it just a halfhearted, uninspiring, who's-going-to-care-anyway story?

When you have a great Story to tell, The Storyteller inside of you will emerge.