Last week I posted an article here in which I stated that what most people think of as "thinking" is really just reacting.

Needless to say, that article generated quite a lot of strong "reaction" (although I'm not sure it generated much real thinking...).

So I thought a few more words of explanation might be in order:

Unlike what most people think, The Business of Business isn't about business at all, it's about, well, "what most people think."

The truth is, whether in business or not, most people don't think; they don't know how. Not in business, nor out of business. Don't shrug this off; I can prove it to you.

Nobody taught us in school how to think, certainly not where I went to school, and certainly not in the grand schools my kids were privileged to go to.

If you don't believe me, go back and visit the schools your kids are going to. Ask whomever you first encounter there where they teach your kids to think, that you want to meet with the "how to think" teacher.

And if they look at you stupidly--they will, believe me--either that or with a huge chip on their shoulder--then say, "Where are the classes where the subject is how to think?"

Okay, I rest my case.

Because there is no "Think Teacher" in your kids' school.

Because not one of their teachers was ever taught how to think, either.

And the reason for that slight omission in their education is because they all "thought" that learning by rote was sufficient.

The general consensus, in education and elsewhere, is that thinking, whatever that may be, is secondary at best; that people don't actually need to think to get by in the world, they just need to learn how to do stuff.

So, school is the grass roots establishment for teaching kids how to be good.

Good "doers," not good "thinkers."

And that's how Jerry Brown became the Governor of my state, California.

And that's how you elected your Governor and your Mayor, your Senators and members of Congress, your Town Clerks and your County Supervisors.

Not by thinking, no.

Because if you were to actually have to think about it, you never would have elected them or any of the other doofuses we've elected to do our "thinking" for us.

And that's why most businesses don't work either.

Because we don't know how to think, particularly about the difference between going to work ON our businesses and going to work IN our businesses.

Neither business nor life is really as difficult as we make either of them out to be.

You simply have to learn how to think.

And, once you begin to get the hang of it, you'll begin to see how stupid we've all been, jerking our own chain, slipping and sliding around in the muck of it, not having a clue about what this whole thing is all about.

Why, it's all about business, isn't it?