As an entrepreneur and a small business owner, you are intimately familiar with goals. You've dreamed of the "right" ones, you've projected "real" ones for the banker and the investor, and, secretly, you've imagined how life can be if you can reach the ones you've set. At the same time, you've laid awake at night worrying about what happens if you cannot meet them.

Over the years, I've gradually come to the conclusion that bigger is better. Bigger dreams, bigger goals, bigger visions. I'm not alone in those ideas - Grant Cardone's The 10X Rule, James Collins and Jerry Porras' ideas of the "BHAG" from Built to Last echo my thoughts on going big or going home from Beyond the E-Myth.

So why do small businesses and entrepreneurs still play small?

100,000 coaching clients later, I can tell you that the vast majority of them don't think big enough. They want to make "enough" - enough sales, enough profit, enough customers.

Enough of that!

Whether your dream is a $100,000 in sales or a million, the amount of work is likely the same - you'll still have 86,400 seconds each day, so why couldn't you imagine creating the company and enterprise that can fulfill every aspect of any dream you wish to have?

I'll tell you why - somewhere along the line, you forgot how to dream. Your dreams and goals are rational - if you made $70,000 last year, this year, you'll dream of $80,000 with the same amount of work that you did previously. Think about that for a minute, then remember, doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result, is the definition of insanity, so why would you dream of making more from the same activities and actions?

It's not that you "quit" dreaming, it's that you tried to force a set of rules on your dreams that - in any other instance - you would scoff at!

2017 is, for all intents and purposes, over with, but rather than throw in the towel, you need to buckle down and scrap the silly ideas and focus not on thoughts of more money for the same actions - that's the mentality of an hourly worker - but on more money for bigger actions.

Get your name on a sandwich!

Build a company that changes the way things get done!

Shift a paradigm in your industry without using the clutch!

You're going to dream no matter what you do in your life, so make those dreams so big that you can attract others who are amazed at your visions and goals. Do you think the best and brightest are drawn to mediocrity? How many times have we seen professional athletes that want to go play with other champions or stipulate in the draft that they will not go to one team versus another?

Success is drawn to those who are actively pursuing it. The men and women that we study and emulate in business are not dreaming small. They aren't thinking mediocre. They are seeking to move the needle in their businesses - or the decimal point in their accounts - every day.

THAT is why they are successful - they created the dream they believe in and are actively making it a reality. Now you need to.