Brand building on Twitter no longer need be a guessing game. Stacy Minero, Head of Content Planning at Twitter, works with companies to grow their businesses. A veteran of Mindshare, Minero has led custom content programs for AmEx, NBC, FOX, Bravo, Cond Nast Entertainment, Apple, and YouTube. At Twitter, she's led 'bootcamps' for Toyota, Puma and Pepsi.

A research snapshot reveals:

34% of Twitter users begin thinking about holiday shopping prior to October.

55% of users say promotions they learn about on Twitter motivate them to purchase.

40% of users say Twitter is their new holiday shopping list.

* According to DB5

Stacy's Top 5 Tips for Holiday Marketers

  1. Plan for the moments you can predict. "Think about all of the moments that will inevitably happen during the holidays, and plan your content in advance," says Minero.
  1. Offer utility, and provide solutions. "The holidays are a stressful time. Your Twitter content strategy should address the problems relevant to your audience, and provide useful, tangible solutions."
  1. Use Twitter to connect all of your marketing efforts. "During the holidays, your brand is likely leveraging multiple marketing channels. Use Twitter to connect your initiatives across different platforms like TV, email and social."
  1. Be visual and creative. "We see much higher engagement when brands utilize rich media, so think about how you can use visual content--photos, Vines, and videos--to catch your customer's attention when they're scanning through their Twitter timeline."
  1. Tap into the power of curation. "Holiday shoppers are overwhelmed by choices, so consider the role your brand can play as a curator of great gift ideas. Users love bite-sized content and lists that offer value," says Minero.