Construction sites, hard hats and tower cranes aren't glamorous to most young women, but embracing the construction industry--a previously uncharted territory for marketing and PR, allowed Sarah Berman, The Berman Group, to find her niche and launch one of New York's leading media and events agencies working with labor unions, high-rise contractors, and real estate developers.

"The construction industry didn't widely realize the value of PR and marketing when we entered the industry, and I like to think we were part of laying the foundation," says Berman.

Sarah strategies:

1. Stay Loyal to your Supporters: Berman says: "Many of my early mentors and advocates were leaders in the construction industry and they weren't like me--they were mostly men, many of which are now close to retirement age, but their support and referrals keep growing."

2. Go Where No One Else Goes: "I always felt that construction and real estate was more 'my industry' than PR. I spent time in these circles and soon realized there was very little competition. I may have had more peers and a path cut out for me in an industry like beauty or fashion, but I knew I would be 1 of 1,000. 10 years later, young women are still a rarity in construction, but the industry has nonetheless become an incredibly supportive home to me and my firm."

3. Give and You Will Receive: "We have been fortunate to grow steadily each year, and I believe if you use your success to give to others, they will always support you and business will follow. We love pro bono work and make a point to give back to organizations that better the industry and world at large," says Berman.