"The power of digital is that it can solve your brand needs," says Ron Amram, Senior Media Director, Marketing, Heineken USA, adding, "Digital is capable of awareness building and consideration for above the line marketing."

Heineken was the first major alcohol brand to aggressively move on Twitter. YouTube and Facebook went from spends under a million, to being top ten vendors. Today, Heineken is experimenting on Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Amram's 3 Tips for Digital Marketing:

1. Authentic Brand Voice. Amram says: "Easily one of the most difficult things to do, but when you do it right, your audience will better identify with your brand. Starbucks recently launched their first brand campaign, "Meet Me at Starbucks" presenting an authentic narrative around the stories that take place inside Starbucks' walls.

2. Explore alternate paths. "When the space is crowded and it seems challenging to break through, find alternate paths to get into the conversation. Newcastle took two of the busiest occasions in the year, Super Bowl and Independence Day, and applied their "No Bollocks" approach to make noise around the occasions by poking fun at the tired, overused beer marketing ploys."

3. Tap into the curious minds of your consumers. "Discover what your audience is most curious about and encourage them to step outside their normal boundaries to connect with their most curious selves. Netflix tapped into the curious minds of their viewers and leveraged Instagram to tease the upcoming season of The Killing and to give fans a taste of what's to come," says Amram.