"There are fans, and there are super-fans," says Greg Braun, Executive Creative Director, INNOCEAN USA, adding, "They see themselves as the keepers of these entities, and they demonstrate that every day with their dedication, their passion, and ultimately their dollars." Braun has developed this knowledge from campaigns with The Walking Dead and Hyundai's FIFA World Cup #BecauseFutbol.

3-steps to unlocking the super-fan

1. Relevance. "Is the brand authentic to the super-fan's interest? Create content that doesn't interrupt the consumer, but becomes that which the consumer is most interested in," says Braun.

2. Empowerment. "Empowering your fans changes them from mere 'witnesses' of your brand to active "participants." Enable them to interact with their favorite property in rich new ways, all through the lens of your brand. They'll repay your brand with loyalty."

3. Listening. Braun says: "No one has more knowledge, more passion, or more investment, in a property like The Walking Dead or FIFA, than the Super-fan. Listen to them, harness that input, and make them a co-author, and suddenly you have consumers who are simultaneously brand ambassadors."