Businesses now have more ways to talk to their customers than ever before. The challenge is make sure that your brand communication matches your business goals and engages your audience. The good news is you don't need a monster budget to apply the same thinking as the world's top marketers.

"The strategies here apply to businesses of all sizes," says Catherine Davis, President, Vizeum US, a global communications planning and buying agency, which represents Discover Card, Pernod Ricard, and Sonos.

Whether you're talking to customers through owned, earned, or paid media, take this content marketing quiz to determine if you're going down the right track.

1. Are you being relatable? "Remember that your customers are people, too. GE has done an incredible job making industrial technology human," says Davis. From 'How much science can you fit in 6-seconds'? to their latest TV spot 'The Boy Who Beeps', they've brought the work to life.

2. Does your message have a clear and consistent position? "Coca-Cola and their 'Open Happiness' positioning (works) because it is always fun and distinctly Coca-Cola," says Davis. 'Unlock the 007 in you' appeared during the launch of the film Skyfall.

3. Is your communication evocative? This is particularly important if you have a smaller budget. "The #1 reason that people share is that it creates an emotional reaction," says Davis. See the World Wildlife Foundation's work: 'Don't let this be my last selfie'.