It is often said that it's easier than ever before to start a business. While that may be true, every silver lining has a dark cloud. As the entrepreneurial landscape becomes increasingly competitive it gets harder and harder to stand out. That's why it never hurts to learn by example.

The following three individuals have all gained major success in popular industries by challenging how things are typically done.

1. Tevis Trower

With the business world having discovered the benefits of mindfulness, and health insurance premiums steadily rising, it is no surprise that the number of corporate wellness programs has surged. Unfortunately, many of them fall short of their promise. Whether it is because they are framing healthy living as an all-or-nothing choice or applying one-size-fits-all solutions to a diverse set of problems, these programs often have trouble gaining traction within organizations. Tevis Trower takes a different approach. The founder of Balance Integration starts from the premise that a corporate job can, in fact, serve as one of the modern world's best available tools for attaining life fulfillment. As such, she helps executives and other high-level employees use the lives they have as raw clay for realizing their ideal future selves. Her unusual lens has gained her a following remarkably quickly, earning the dedication of Fortune 500 companies such as Viacom, AOL, Yahoo!, and Edelman PR, to name just a few.

2. Ben Michaelis

Ben Michaelis, Ph.D. has forged a career out of bridging the gap between the action focus of life coaching and the rigor of psychotherapy. He is a practicing clinical psychologist who has based his career on the concept that every human being can create, if only they are armed with the proper tools and frameworks. His combination of hard science and personal empowerment has led to him becoming a remarkably popular keynote speaker and author (along with running a successful New York City practice), as well as a regularly appearing as a featured expert on television shows such as The Today Show, Fox News, MSNBC, and The Hallmark Channel.

3. Jana Eggers

In an era in which it seems like there is news of a new digital startup every day, Jana Eggers stands out. The veteran tech entrepreneur and executive has led successful launches at Bakbaud, Accel Partners-backed Spreadshirt, and Intuit's Innovation Lab. In her role as CEO of the rapidly growing startup Nara Logics, she has become an apostle of the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Under Eggers' stewardship, and drawing in the latest neuroscience and computer science, the company--creators of a technology that offers hyper-personalized options to its customers--has fostered a culture based on the human side of the AI equation.