Over the course of a few short years, companies that have built dedicated audiences by releasing fantastic blog posts, articles, and videos have built modern day empires. By this point, no one doubts that “content marketing” is essential to success in the digital age. What business leaders now struggle with instead is the challenge of how to produce the sheer quantity of material they need.

For many, the solution is to rely on employees in every department to share the workload. But how do you make sure the content will be good enough?

The answer can be found by studying that most non-Corporate America of professions--Hollywood casting directors. These unsung heroes of the film and television industries are masters at uncovering people’s talents, skills, and quirks and then matching them with the perfect content, which in their case happens to be movies and shows.

Here are three things that casting directors have been doing forever to find stars and make blockbusters. Read closely so you can follow their lead.

1. Remember There Are No Small Parts

It’s a showbiz cliché for a reason. Sir Anthony Hopkins may be on the marquee, but if Shopkeeper #2 can’t act or the boom mic keeps showing up on screen, the flick will flop. As a business leader, it’s certainly important to uncover the people on your staff who can write awesome posts from start to finish.

But more importantly, you need a process in place to uncover the subtler skills that make content marketing initiatives succeed. Is there a woman in accounting with a really dry sense of humor? Maybe you can build some killer video clips around her. Did you realize that guy in HR spends his weekends drawing? Perhaps you can incorporate his sketches into the blog. Talk to everyone on your team and find out what makes them special. You’ll be amazed at who ends up in the breakout roles.

2. Coax Talent Out of Hiding

Many Hollywood legends would never have revealed their talent if they hadn’t had the right casting director drawing it out of them early on. Your job is to make this happen in your organization. Work to break down the mental walls holding back the best insights. Prompt employees to connect unrelated ideas. Don’t know what your industry has in common with underground hip hop or the '93 Phillies? Ask. You’ll be astonished at the wealth of ideas and talents that come to light.

3. Make It Personal

The best casting directors have an eye for star quality in addition to acting talent. And star quality has as much to do with a person’s ability to interact with fans off screen as it does with how they appear onscreen. The more personal your content is, the more successful your efforts will be. Fortunately, you’ve got a whole crew to help make that happen. Determine how employees can best assist your organization’s content marketing initiatives by exploring who they really are, both in and out of the office. Then encourage them to let that humanity shine in their blog posts, comments, articles, and so on. Your business will be famous in no time.