"¨"¨It seems these days that every other article on marketing gives some version of the same advice. "¨"¨

It goes something like this: Information is more accessible than ever before, which has rendered traditional advertising and sales useless. To combat this trend, companies need to constantly share their expertise, which will establish them as authorities and ultimately pull business in their direction. The way to make this happen is through blogging. "¨"¨

But here’s the problem. Successful bloggers got that way by producing articles, videos, guest posts, interviews, and comments every day, or close to it. Blogging can certainly be a remarkably effective marketing method, but it also takes a tremendous amount of work.

Many mega-corporations have created entire departments to do their blogging. And the savviest medium-sized organizations spread content creation duties across their entire staffs. But for small businesses, solopreneurs, and startups, it is usually difficult to make a profitable blogging campaign work without making a whole lot of other sacrifices. Unfortunately, when everyone is already doing everything, these type of sacrifices are usually impossible.

"¨"¨The good news is that there’s an alternative to blogging that can help a small business establish itself as the biggest name in its niche without breaking the backs of everyone involved. "¨"¨

Create a “Trade Magazine”

"¨"¨Back before the Internet ruled the earth, executives and entrepreneurs wanting to keep abreast of the news would read dead-tree-and-ink publications called trade magazines.

"¨"¨Believe it or not, trade magazines still exist, and many have migrated online. Often these publications are founded and organized by one particular company in a given industry, with writers and experts from a wide range of other businesses within the field regularly contributing.

"¨"¨There’s no reason you have to create every piece of content yourself in order to be perceived as the authority in your niche. Follow the trade magazine model of building an online publication that serves as the nexus for all the people who want to learn about your industry. Instead of churning out your own content every single day, use your online real estate to feature the most exciting points of view by the most forward-thinking people in your field.

"¨"¨If you open your virtual arms to others, they will not only pick up a big part of the workload for you; they’ll share your platform far and wide. And when you do create and post your own content, it will stand out as the glue that ties everything else together."¨"¨

Remember, there’s nothing that says expert like having editor-in-chief next to your name on the masthead."¨