Once upon a time, Mary Miller was the co-owner of a janitorial services company who viewed every day at work as a war.

Cleaning up after people is a tough gig. It's something that a lot of people do for money on their way to something else. As such, Mary's company Jancoa dealt with huge turnover of their part time staff. It wasn't unusual...it was the industry norm, in fact. But that didn't make it any easier.

Most people would have accepted this state of affairs as the way of the world, but not Mary. This sort of day-in, day-out struggle simply wasn't natural to her. It made work hard. It drained it of its fun. It made her less...happy.

So Mary enrolled in Dan Sullivan's Strategic Coach program, a now massive organization that was offering coaching for entrepreneurs when most people associated the term with sports and bus services. Sullivan and team taught her to emphasize those aspects of herself that came most natural to her rather than straining to fix her weaknesses. And Mary's strengths can be summed up in two words..."positivity" and "helpfulness."

Armed with the Strategic Coach toolkit, Mary made some big changes at Jancoa. She and her husband implemented a program by which members of the cleaning staff were given help achieving their broader dreams. Whether it was getting a college education, learning a trade, becoming an American citizen, or building a long term career, Jancoa would invest the time and money to make this happen.

The results of this program have been nothing less than astounding. Jancoa went from having a part time staff of fifty to a full time staff of three hundred. Its janitors are widely known as the most positive and competent on the market. And needless to say, their revenue and profits have soared.

But that's not even the most interesting part of the story.

Since shifting her focus to positivity, Mary Miller has made it her quest to spread the gospel. She has gone from being a Strategic Coach client to becoming one of their most popular coaches. Jancoa was the subject of a book called The Dream Manager. And she was recently profiled in a magazine called Live Happy in the same issue as the staff of Good Morning America.

Mary Miller, Live Happy, and Jancoa are all products of broader movement known as Positive Psychology. It is a trend that began when Martin Seligman, a renowned Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, published a number of studies showing that when people focus on their strengths rather than improving their weaknesses, they not only become happier and more successful...they make others around them happier and more successful as well.

It's a shift in mindset that is working for more people every day, and it is certainly one that can work for you regardless of your field. Because if Mary Miller could turn the business of scrubbing toilets into the gateway to the stuff of dreams, imagine what you can make happen in your business.

Published on: Jun 5, 2015