In 2016 recent law school graduates first encountered a threat more deadly than anything James Cameron could have ever dreamed up in The Terminator. ROSS is an Artificial Intelligence application that searches thousands of legal documents in seconds, reads them, and locates the arguments that will best support any case. Until recently, new lawyers spent most of their time handling functions like this. Unfortunately for them, as ROSS spreads, senior partners will have increasingly less motivation to hire their junior level counterparts for these sorts of tasks.

Stories like this are becoming more and more typical.

It is now commonplace to lament the loss of industrial jobs to machines. Yet, there are many small business owners that could potentially be decimated as well. Arming professionals to survive and thrive in this tumultuous time is one of the themes of Ric Edelman's latest book The Truth About Your Future: The Money Guide You Need Now, Later, and Much Later. Edelman is the author of eight bestselling books and has been named as the nation's #1 Independent Financial Advisor by Barron's three times straight. Over the last few years, Edelman has become deeply interested in studying how accelerating technological growth will impact day-to-day financial concerns.

In The Truth About Your Future, Edelman explores the ways in which this growth will reinvent how most of us are forced to think about making a living.

It turns out that while computers will soon be able to find the precise legal arguments to make a case, they will be far less adept at conveying the significance of those arguments to their clients. The same is true for tax preparers, landscapers, human resources consultants, auto shop owners, and any other businesses where machines could conceivably perform the tasks involved.

In the near future, what customers will value most from entrepreneurs, service providers, and freelancers is their ability to help them understand why the machines they rely on are doing what they do. Great communicators will reign supreme, in the human realm at least.

So instead of focusing most of your time on getting better at the technical skills of your craft, work on learning how to convey your ideas clearly, and in ways that stand out. Think about how to teach your customers to apply the benefits of your field to the improvement of their own lives. If you can do that, our coming age of exponential technology could become your golden age of opportunity.