Disruption is the buzzword that will simply not go away (for good reason). Upheavals in technology, the economy, and politics are destroying traditional assumptions about every aspect of how business works. And despite plenty of lip service to the contrary, the majority of businesspeople are fighting with all they have to maintain the old order.

That said, there is a smaller breed of entrepreneurs that have decided to take a different approach. These are the people that will dominate the world of business in the years and decades to come. Here is how you can join their ranks by making one basic shift in how you approach your career.

A Modern Success Story In An Age Old Industry

Theresa Park had become a successful Silicon Valley attorney by toiling her way through high school, college, and ultimately Harvard Law. Her job was one that many would envy. Yet she loved literature and quickly realized she wanted to be immersed in it in a way her life as a lawyer would never permit. So she did the unthinkable. She left her high-powered job to take a position as a lowly assistant at the New York literary agency Sanford J. Greenburger Associates.

After a few years spent in the trenches, she happened upon a manuscript that had been meant for a senior agent who had recently passed away. She read it and found all kinds of issues with the draft. However, despite its problems, the book brought her to tears. Unlike the many agents who could not see past the book's rough patches, Park decided to embrace the challenge of reworking it. She reasoned that if it had caused such an emotional reaction in her, there was a good chance it would do the same in others.

She was right. The book was The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, an author who would go on to have twenty plus bestsellers to his name.

The success of their collaboration ultimately led to Park founding her own agency, Park Literary & Media, in 2005. The timing of her journey into entrepreneurship was not, by all accounts, ideally timed. The agency opened into an environment where social media had begun to test the marketing models that publishing had always relied on. Before long, the rise of eBooks would threaten to destroy the industry as a whole.

Many of her contemporaries filed lawsuits against the upstart tech companies that were upending their business. Park took a very different approach. She focused on building alliances. She formed a close relationship with Amazon and cut strategic deals with them. She set her agency apart as one that specialized in building marketing platforms for talented authors so they did not have to do it on their own. And she began positioning her clients' books as launch pads for everything from motion picture productions to retail brand partnerships.

The Missing Piece

Most businesspeople--and human beings, for that matter--view change as something to guard against. Theresa Park, on the other hand, has been blessed with the ability to see massive opportunity buried in every upheaval. The story of her career indicates that each time she observes discomfort, fear, or resistance in herself, she views it as a sign that there is a deal to be done and money to be made.

If you can train yourself to view disruption in the same way--going where it leads you rather than impeding its progress--you will find your luck in business will get a whole lot better very quickly.