Successful people-;whether business people, athletes, musicians or artists-;didn't get where they are by accident. They've all adopted habits or have a routine to keep them on track. The benefits of having a daily routine are enormous, not only for the success of our careers, but for our mental and physical well-being. Researchers have found that those who develop healthy, consistent habits experience greater levels of mental stability and sleep patterns.

While personal routines are beneficial to our overall well-being, there are some important professional habits every marketer should adopt to foster a career of growth and success.

Wake Up for Success

Pro Tip: Find your "why" every morning

Whether you're a morning person or not, there is something to be said about waking up early, energized for the day. Every person has a different motivation to wake up in the morning: find yours and capitalize on it. For some it might be going to the gym, taking a walk, or eating a full breakfast. It could even be waking up every day to a Post-it of inspiration, such "Do something every day that scares you" from Eleanor Roosevelt. I like to remind myself every morning to eat my "never give up berries" and to walk out of the door everyday with a dose of perseverance, along with making a promise that no matter what stands in my way, I won't let obstacles allow me to give up on my goals.

Stay Informed

Pro Tip: Read relevant news

It's easy to get trapped in the bubble of what's happening within your company and miss all that's going on outside its office walls. The best way to pop that bubble is to stay up to date with new developments within your industry. Keeping an eye on movements from competitors and disruptors can help you keep your brand fresh and relevant. Subscribe to daily newsletters from trade publicationsand industry sources, check top news sites, and follow industry colleagues to keep a pulse on the news and trends that matter. Even just glancing at headlines can give you a feel for what is occurring in your field and allows you to see if something peaks your interest that warrants follow-up.

Listen to Voices that Matter

Pro Tip: Customers want more than just a product

Make it a habit to view customers as valuable assets to your company and not just as numbers. It will change your perspective about the way you do business. Keep a listening ear open to what customers are saying on social media. Here at The UPS Store we have a close-knit group of small business owners who can share their honest and transparent feedback about their experience. This line of communication allows us to ensure that while all customers are valuable, our most frequent ones are pleased with their partnership with us.

Control What You Can, Let go of What You Can't

Pro Tip: Put your effort where the return is

A large portion of marketing involves managing other people's opinions and reactions. While customer satisfaction should be a main priority, there is simply no way to please everyone. The professional (and personal) lesson is to put the effort in where it will pay off. Use the research you've gathered by listening to the voices that matter to give customers the product or service they truly desire. Hone in on what loyal customers are saying about your company, what they are suggesting, and what they like.

Take a Break

Pro Tip: It pays to walk away

Yes, you read that right, I said take a break! In our busy beehive-like lives, breaks are almost unheard of on the road to success. We need breaks to achieve our goals, especially for those in creative-based jobs. In the marketing world, a lot of our daily jobs involve trying to think of the next big thing, ways to "wow" customers with catchy social media posts that will take the internet by storm. Set a reminder to get up from your desk, take a walk, get coffee with a friend, or book a trip for a new adventure. In fact, nearly 90 percent of U.S. workers feel that even taking a lunch break allows them to feel more refreshed and motivated to work. With healthy habits in place, your creative juices will be flowing.

With all things considered, the most important thing you can do is make a plan and set goals. I go by three words: Ready, Aim, Fire. The Ready is looking at insights available, the Aim is creating the strategy, and the Fire is execution and setting goals with measureable results. I track how things are going before, during, and after and measure along the way. Healthy habits are hard to form without goals in place. A perseverant and positive attitude can sustain you throughout your entire day, enabling you to achieve your goals and become the marketing professional you've always wanted to be.