The holidays can be overwhelming--even for the season's biggest fans. Brands fight tirelessly to be top of mind for consumers who are ready to spend and spend big. According to the National Retail Federation, consumers will spend an average of $1,007.24 this holiday season, up 4.1 percent from last year. In addition, research conducted by Salesforce forecasted Black Friday online sales at $7.3 billion for this year.  

Looking for ways to inspire brand loyalty during the hustle and bustle? Here are a few tips:

Partner Up

Consumers love when two of their favorite brands come together. Do some research on brands your customers are also in love with and consider partnering up to provide a co-branded product or service. For example, an airline company could partner up with a beloved coffee company to offer passengers different flavors of coffee throughout the holiday season. Brand fanatics love it when they get two experiences in one, giving them one more reason to buy.

Make Them Come to You

The more convenient online shopping becomes, the more consumers expect from brick-and-mortar stores. There are many good reasons why your customers could simply order online and never come into your store. Offer hot chocolate at the door or organize an in-store contest to create an experience that will motivate customers to familiarize themselves with your brand in person. Show them what they miss out on when they shop online.  

Step Up Your Service

Retail is hectic during the holiday season. People are rushing to find the perfect gift, cross as many items as possible off their list in one shopping trip, and snatch up the best deals. Be the brand that allows consumers to slow down during the chaos. Have conversations with shoppers about their plans for the holidays and who they're shopping for, along with recommendations for that perfect gift--even if it doesn't involve a product that you personally sell. A recent RedPoint Global survey found that 63 percent of customers want a personalized experience when shopping. Customers will appreciate you trying to help rather than solely selling. Having empathy for their situation can go a long way. Give the customer a reason to be emotionally connected to your brand, which can potentially result in their desire to buy again.

Don't Miss Your Opportunity

The holidays are a time when consumers are paying close attention to the brands they love. They want to know who has the best sales, what the special offers are and what time the stores are opening on Black Friday. This heightened attention is an opportunity to wow your customers while they are watching. Whether that's outstanding customer service, a generous pledge to charity, or a bold move in the media, you can't afford to take the holidays for granted when it comes to planning your next marketing campaign.  

So, take a risk, get to know your customers, and give them more than they were expecting this holiday season. Our world is becoming both highly-personalized and convenience-oriented so give customers both in every aspect of your operations. Whether you decide to try something new or stick to tradition, the holidays are prime time for grabbing customer's attention and developing lasting loyalty.