"Your product doesn't have to be completely unique. There is no such thing as an idea no one has ever thought of. What you can control is how well you make the product and sell it to consumers, that is where you can be unique." -- Robert Herjavec

These words of wisdom were shared by successful businessman and shark on ABC's "Shark Tank,, Robert Herjavec at The UPS Store's first national Small Biz Challenge. Herjavec encouraged all small business owners in attendance to remember that while their product may not be the first of its kind, it's great service and a dedication to quality that will set them apart. Achieving success in small business is all about taking care of your customers better than your competitors -- something every business owner has the power to control.

Along with delivering world-class customer service, there are a few other pieces of advice that can resonate for small business owners everywhere to help them take control of their success.

Hire the Right People

"If you can't sell me on you, you're not going to be able to sell a customer." -- Robert Herjavec

The key to any successful business is its people. High turnover rates can cost small businesses money they can't afford to lose. Avoid that cycle by hiring the right people the first time. Having employees who are passionate, hardworking, and trustworthy can make a world of difference when working to make it big. The fewer the employees, the more responsibility rests on each of your workers, so make sure you hire people who can set up and run shop if you are busy with other priorities.  

Don't Do It Alone

"Unless it's an integral and core part of your business, get someone else to do it." -- Robert Herjavec

Just because you are the business owner doesn't mean you are the expert on everything about the business. Sometimes it pays to bring in outside help to support with things like social media marketing, branding, and advertising. Outsourcing to someone who can do something you don't have a passion for and who can do it faster, more accurately or better in another way, will benefit you by increasing your efficiency. For example, resources like The UPS Store offer a great place for small businesses to lean on for expert help for marketing materials, printing, and graphic design. When you outsource, you gain flexibility. You get access to insights and opinions you would not otherwise have. The biggest benefit is that you get to focus on what you do best and on building your business.

Engage the Community

"You can't assume the world is going to beat down a path to your business's doors." -- Robert Herjavec

No business is successful without relationship building -- yet many of us are immensely afraid of rejection. For small business owners this can't be so. In order to grow your business into a thriving entity, the mindset, "If we open they will come" needs to be kicked to the curb. Every day should be treated like a grand opening, customers should feel your passion when they walk in the door and leave with a sense of loyalty that will bring them back. When small business owners prioritize relationship building with paying customers, those very same customers will be the ones to recommend their family and friends to a place where they can say "I know the owner."

The key to finding success is the ability to offer your customers an experience that cannot be duplicated. With the right team, experts on your side, and a desire to build relationships -- any small business owner can create the next big thing.