Today is a big day at, as we unveil the next phase of a site-wide redesign that began in December. Our regular visitors will notice that the template for articles pages has been spruced up. We've selected new fonts and bumped up the point size to make pages easier to read. We've adopted a new commenting interface developed by Disqus, a Y Combinator company, which will make it easier for you to weigh in on articles you've just read. We've created new places on each page to show off our original photography--and please be sure to click on the photos themselves to get the full effect.

While's design director Haewon Kye was busy overseeing these changes to the site's aesthetics, senior developer Jason Tagg was hard at work creating a new PHP-based content management system for In the weeks to come, we'll roll out new navigational elements based on his work, which will make the site easier to browse. I'd also like to thank's publisher, Whelan Mahoney; chief technology officer, Paul Maiorana; vice president of operations, Nicole Lind; director of business development, David Grossman; design coordinator, Erika Schneider; and developer, Rob Loach; for their significant contributions to the redesign--as well as Inc. magazine's creative director, Blake Taylor.

Our objective, each day and overall, is to present a site that is interesting, informative, clean, well-organized, and easy to navigate. Please let me know what you think of our progress so far, by e-mailing me at mhofman [at], or by posting a note below.