Frequest users of this site may have noticed a new feature recently—I'm talking about that black search bar that now appears at the top of your screen. It's a gateway to a new search tool powered by Apture, a Silicon Valley start-up launched by Tristan Harris, Can Sar, and Jesse Young, alumni of Inc.'s 2009 30 Under 30 list.

Apture allows users to search about and learn more on a topic without leaving the page they are reading. Little magnifying glass icons sprinkled throughout the text will also prompt you to start an Apture search.

Editorially, we think Apture will give users a chance to learn more about the topics—people, companies, products—that matter most to them. Apture is particularly good at presenting's previous material on a search term, and relevant multimedia including videos.

There's obviously a good business reason for us to try this technology. Apture asserts that sites using its search engage readers to spend more time on a site and to read more. We certainly hope that is the case and, so far, the results have been encouraging.

To see founder Harris and Sar demo Apture, view this video.