“Awesome hanging tonight, see you at work in the morning!”

That's something I pretty much never said when it came to spending time with my employees. I used to keep my work life and personal life separate (e.g., work-life balance). I never wanted my work team to know what I was doing or where I was going personally.

I started hiring people for my entrepreneurial ventures when I was 25 years old. I had no idea how to hire people properly or manage people and I had the same high expectations my strict Indian dad had with me. Which meant: I was always disappointed. And things never work out when disappointment is felt.

When Work And Home Are One

The more I thought about it and went from one disastrous situation to another, the more I realized my job should be no different than my experience when I played soccer at the highest level. The best team I ever played on was when I considered my teammates my best friends and we fought hard to support each other and win for each other.

Just because someone is SUPER talented and smart, doesn’t mean his/her personality will jive with the others and if personalities don’t match, all parties will stop wanting to work as hard to win.

I feel like I’ve hired so many wrong fits in the past that I didn’t like as people but who I thought were smart and capable. These bad experiences clouded my ability to realize that I CAN hire people that I like as people and not just as employees. I realized that there is a new and different way to work with a team that cares for each other as friends too and I can include my team in my personal life too.

I used to not look forward to going to work to seeing people I didn’t get along with and finally, after many years of figuring things out, I love everyone on all of my teams for all of my businesses (THINX, WILD, Super Sprowtz, and Do Cool Shit).

I am so much happier now going into work and seeing people I care about as humans too.

If you’re not feeling excited to see your employees or partners, then it’s time to make a change. Key learning: Hire slow, fire fast. Pick humans you LIKE. It’s the only way to look forward to going into work.