What will be the hottest professions in the coming years? Human capital solutions company CareerBuilder is looking to answer that question with some pretty extensive research. The company's market analysis arm, Emsi, has collected and analyzed data from more than 100 employment sources to pin down some professions that have seen astonishing growth within the last four years, as well as some of the big-picture trends that are driving that growth.

Surprise! Although application software developer snagged the number-two spot, most of these jobs are not software or Internet-related and many of them are decidedly low-tech.

Here's what's growing fastest, and why:

1. Wind turbine service technician

Growth since 2012: 37 percent

With a growing interest in renewable energy sources, windmills have been sprouting up all over this country, as I can attest having driven from New York to the Seattle area in 2014. Someone has to care for those turbines and keep them going round and round.

2. Applications software developer

Growth since 2012: 17 percent

You knew software developer would be high on the list and it is. In particular, there is growing market demand for apps and Internet of Things devices such as smart home components, as well as a never-ending need for new mobile apps. The people who can create this stuff already know they're in high demand.

3. Cartographer/photogrammetrist

Growth since 2012: 16 percent

What's a photogrammetrist? It's someone who can create a map from a photograph, sort of reverse-engineering cartography. Many of the maps we use in everyday life were created by photogrammetrists from aerial photographs. These professions are seeing rapid growth in response to the explosive growth in location-based and mapping technology.

4. Restaurant cook

Growth since 2012: 16 percent

Why is this profession growing rapidly? Simple: An increasingly overworked population no longer has the time to cook meals at home. Combine that with an increased interest in food as event, and you have a society that just loves its chefs.

5. Market research analyst

Growth since 2012: 15 percent

Marketing is increasingly data-driven. And companies seeking to expand beyond our borders are seeking to understand market forces in other nations, as well as untapped markets at home. People who can take that data and turn it into actionable insights are highly valued indeed.

6. Driver/chauffeur

Growth since 2012: 15 percent

Blame Uber. That company has pushed driver hiring into the stratosphere, but also made it cool in the sharing economy to use an app to get a ride rather than get behind the wheel of your own vehicle. Although this is a rapidly growing profession at the moment, it's one that's vulnerable to technology advancements: Uber is already testing self-driving cars, and other transportation services will likely follow suit.

7. Interpreter/translator

Growth since 2012: 14 percent

Rapid growth in this profession is another effect of an increasingly globalized world, according to CareerBuilder. If we're talking to people from other countries, they may not necessarily speak English. This profession, too, may see competition from technology in coming years, as online dictionaries and translators gain accuracy.

8. Personal financial advisor

Growth since 2012: 13 percent

People are more careful with their finances in the wake of the Great Recession, CareerBuilder says. That's likely true, but another result of the global financial meltdown was a deep distrust of brokerage houses as financial advisors, and a growing interest in the unbiased advice you get from an advisor when you're paying that advisor directly for his or advice, instead of by a commission.

9. Information security analyst

Growth since 2012: 12 percent

The growth of online shopping and banking continues unabated, which means there are an awful lot of companies out there with sensitive financial information about their customers. And there have been an impressive number of high-profile breaches in the past few years. Companies are responding by hiring experts to secure their data. That seems like a very good idea to me.

10. Fitness trainer/aerobics instructor

Growth since 2012: 12 percent

America is increasingly health-conscious. More of us are looking for individualized help getting ourselves in better shape. Gyms and fitness businesses are proliferating in all shapes and configurations. And they're hiring the people who can tell us what to do to be healthier.