If you're looking for a model of success and happiness, it's tough to do better than Tony Robbins. Despite starting from very humble beginnings, the author, speaker, and coach has been at the top of his game for 38 years. He consults presidents, Olympic athletes, and billionaire entrepreneurs. And his companies generate billions in revenue every year.

While we can't promise you'll wind up with an estimated net worth of nearly half a billion dollars like Robbins has, many of his approaches to life and work will lead to greater success and happiness for anyone. Recently, the personal finance site GOBankingRates compiled a list of seven habits that have contributed to Robbins' success. Here are the five I believe are most powerful. You can find the full list here

1. Spend 30 minutes reading every day.

Robbins calls this daily reading "one of the most valuable of my life." He says he got the bug from his teacher Jim Rohn, who told him that reading something every day that was of value, nourishing, substantial, and would teach you distinctions was actually more important than eating. "Miss a meal," Rohn told him, "but don't miss your reading."

2. Learn to act in spite of uncertainty.

Every one of these habits is important for any entrepreneur to follow, but this one is especially vital. In a world that seems more uncertain every day, many people are afraid to  take a risk of any kind. But Robbins says that with uncertainty comes opportunity and that certainty is not a feeling--it's a habit that you can create. "Progress comes when you tell yourself the truth, and you're able to feel the uncertainty and take action anyway."

3. Develop a mindset of abundance and generosity.

The more you think of the universe as a where there are plenty of resources for you and everyone else, the more you will create that reality, Robbins believes. It may sound mystical-magical, but it tends to work. For instance, Robbins once gave his last $20 to a small boy so he could treat his mother to lunch and then received a check he was owed the following day. 

Robbins creates this mindset in himself by carrying three $100 bills in his wallet at all times, and also by giving some of his wealth away. For instance, he's donating the profits from his latest book MONEY Master the Game to feed hungry people. How can you create a mindset of abundance and generosity in your own life?

4. Choose your partners wisely.

Looking back, Robbins says his greatest mistakes have come from partnering with the wrong people at different times in his career, not understanding what they wanted--or even deluding himself because they seemed to be in line with his own desires. Now, he says, he carefully analyzes his goals and needs and compares them with the goals and needs of a potential partner to make sure there will be a good match. "I've learned to be selective," he says.

5. Never stop asking the most important questions.

"To get results, you can't just ask the question once, you have to become obsessed with finding its greatest answer," Robbins says. He says he's been obsessed with the questions of how to make things better and how to help people improve their lives. What are the questions that drive your business forward? And where will you find the greatest answers?