Want to increase your business and land more customers? There are technology tools that can help. This list of apps, compiled by Inkling, helps your sales effort in every way, from making your email more effective, to letting you quickly set up appointments and e-sign contracts, to ensuring that your sales team members have exactly the information they need when they need it.

Check them out and let me know your results. They're bound to help you improve your sales effectiveness.

1. Mixmax

Mixmax is an extension that works with both Gmail and Google Inbox. The free level allows you to create email templates, instantly schedule appointments, track emails, and schedule them for later, as well as conduct polls. Other levels priced from $9 to $49/month offer many more features, including CRM integration, customized training and priority support, and much more detailed tracking data.

2. SalesLoft 

This handy platform brings automation to both sales calls and sales emails. On the sales calls side, you can input a list of numbers to cold-call, click "start," and it will dial the numbers for you one after the other. SalesLoft will even make the calls appear to come from a local number, which increases response.

On the email side, it provides email tracking, allows team members to share templates (so you can all see which is most effective), and automatically removes email addresses that reply from the distribution list for follow-up emails. Pricing ranges from $75 to $125 per user per month, with a three-user minimum.

3. Inkling

Inkling software lets teams to create interactive documents, optimized to display well on all devices, even when offline. Customers can use Inkling's platform to create, distribute and measure content for learning and development, sales enablement, retail operations and field reference. Contact for pricing.

4. Docusign

Signing a paper document with a pen is so 20th century! Docusign lets you forget all that by enabling electronic document signatures across desktop and mobile devices. Inc. uses this tool for its contracts with writers. Pricing ranges from $10 per user per month to $125 per user per month (paid annually). At the low end, a single user can sign and send up to 5 contracts per month. At the high end, you can send unlimited contracts, use templates, create different contracts for different user groups or even post a contract on your website that anyone can sign

5. ToutApp

Billing itself as the Swiss Army knife for sales, ToutApp brings all your customer communications together in a dashboard that integrates with both email and CRM, along with real-time tracking and analytics. It also gives you the ability to respond in real time--making a call, for example, when you know someone is actually reading your email. Pricing is $30/month for an individual user and $250 per month for a group of five users, with custom pricing available for larger groups.

6. Rapportive

Rapportive integrates Gmail with LinkedIn, so that when you are emailing someone, his or her LinkedIn profile appears right next to your email. That allows you to learn a bit more about that person on the spot, and also initiate a LinkedIn connection with one click. I use this myself--it's simple but incredibly handy.