You know your Amazon Echo device can be used for all sorts of useful things, from ordering coffee filters (a favorite at our house) to playing music, to learning the lifespan of an opossum. (I asked. It's four years.)

But if you're a smart developer with too much time on your hands, an Amazon Echo, or better yet Echoes, can also be used as one half of some very silly comedy routines. At least, that's what YouTuber Jamie Grossman has done with his collection of Echo devices, which appears to include a traditional Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Tap, and a Google Home for good measure. Grossman seems to love playing straight man to these devices and some of the resulting videos, all 30 seconds or shorter, are priceless. For example, this discussion about the composition of tinfoil:

In fact, try as he might, he can't seem to get his Echo devices to get along.

Perhaps that's because he has a particularly bossy Alexa.

Although maybe that's a good thing...

...considering how he seems to spend most of his time.

For those of you with programming skills, Grossman's antics could provide inspiration for interesting things you can do with voice-driven devices of your own, since some experts say they're the next big development platform. In fact, developers already appear to be drawing inspiration from Grossman, or at least they are asking him for detailed information about how he programs his devices.

To satisfy those requests, he recently created a separate YouTube channel called Jamie's Dev Shed where interested developers can find tutorials about working with Alexa. 

Of course, he had to announce the new channel in his own special way.