If you're wondering who holds the record for most-watched YouTube videos of dominoes knocking each other down, the answer is Lily Hevesh, better known as Hevesh5, an 18-year-old professional domino artist whose video "Insane Domino Tricks" has been viewed more than 22 million times. She's been called on to create promotional domino artistry for companies from Prudential to Ford to Honda.

She uploads a new domino video to YouTube every Saturday, and her channel has almost a million subscribers who don't want to miss amazing displays such as this gorgeous triple spiral:

That display took 15,000 dominoes and 25 hours of work over eight days to create, she says. Overall, her channel has gotten more than 250 million views.

More recently, she participated in a project connecting five kinetic artists (their art involves things that move) around the country, where each art installation is supposed to generate a message to the next. The projects were to address issues in the community, so Hevesh chose to focus on the need for more women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields because, "I'm one of maybe three female domino builders in the world, which is really low," she explains in her new YouTube series that goes behind the scenes of her domino building and thought processes.

That inspired he to create her "Women in STEM" domino artwork which took her four days to create. It features not only 11,000 dominoes but also light bulbs, toy trucks, a level, several calculators, and at one point, a rolling-up blueprint. It's set off by the vibrations of an incoming mobile phone call, presumably from the previous artist's kinetic piece.

Forward it on to your daughters, sisters, nieces, or colleagues who are contemplating study in STEM fields. Maybe it will help push them in the right direction.