Glitzy, star-studded celebrity award events in Hollywood are not necessarily where you'd expect to find enlightenment or emotional intelligence. And yet, stars on the red carpet at this year's Golden Globes displayed an unusual amount of both.

USA Today asked several stars as they were walking into the event what their intentions were for 2019. Some were the usual kind of thing: Clean up my clothes closet, get a personal trainer. But others showed a surprising degree of mindfulness.

1. Kieran Culkin wants to feel taller. 

It started out as a joke. "I wish to be taller," Culkin, star of Succession, told USA Today. 

The reporter, obviously wondering exactly how one becomes taller, asked Culkin if he planned to do more yoga. A pretty intelligent question, since yoga can improve your posture and make you stand straighter.

"Maybe that's to feel taller," Culkin replied. That was a great response, since feeling tall, like feeling beautiful, is something everyone can control. And, like feeling attractive, the way you feel about your own height will affect how people perceive you. For example, in my mind, my husband is inches taller than my old boyfriend even though they actually are exactly the same height. It has to do with the fact that my husband carries himself like the performer he is, is a father and grandfather, and generally feels more comfortable in his own skin. I bet there are people in your own life who either seem taller or shorter to you than they actually are.  

2. Lena Waithe loves her life just as it is.

How often have you felt that your life is perfect just the way it is? Even when everything is going right, and we should just relax and enjoy the moment, most of us are making plans, dreaming up new ambitions, and striving for something more.

Not Lena Waithe, though. When asked about her intentions, the creator of the upcoming BET comedy Boomerang said she didn't really have any. "Cause what I'm doing is working. So I want to continue to do more of the same." When the reporter asked if she wanted to take more time for self-care, Waithe replied that she already does lots of that. It takes real wisdom to be able to recognize and savor a moment when everything in your life is just as it should be.

3. Linda Perry wants to help others.

Perry, a singer-songwriter who worked with Dolly Parton on the Netflix movie Dumplin'  about the daughter of a beauty pageant organizer, is looking for ways to be more philanthropic. "My intention started in 2018," she said. "I've always been a philanthropist but I basically opened up my arms and said, 'Bring me whatever needs my help. I want to be of service and assistance.' Literally all these fundraisers keep dropping in my lap to help. So I just want to help. That's what I'd like to do." 

Then, apparently concerned about how corny that sounded, she added. "And, seriously, I'm not trying to be miss beauty pageant right now." 

"You know you're wrapping a beauty pageant movie," the reported said.

Perry burst out laughing. "I didn't even plan that," she said. "Wow, you just made me look so brilliant!"

4. Michael Zegen stays in the moment.

When asked his intention for 2019, Zegen, who plays Joel Maisel in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, replied, "Well, I'd like to get better at this stuff," and gestured at the reporter and her microphone. "Public speaking kind of makes me nervous and I would like to rectify that situation." 

"I think you're already kind of nailing it," the reporter observed. Indeed, that kind of openness and willingness to be vulnerable will almost always get an audience on your side. And he seems to be following the classic mindfulness advice from Ram Dass: "Remember, be here now."

5. Jamie Lee Curtis stuns everyone with pure white hair.

Curtis, one of the hosts of the evening, didn't talk about any 2019 intentions. But there was really no need for her to say anything--her snow white look at the event said it all.

Curtis has talked openly about her struggles with self-esteem and addiction that began when she gave in to Hollywood's expectation that women do whatever it takes to keep themselves looking young, slim, and beautiful. She's had plastic surgery, Botox, and liposuction. "All of these 'bettering' experiences are not without risk," she has said. "And there is this illusion that once you do it, then you'll be fine. And that's just horseshit. I looked worse."

Since then, she's sworn off all of it, saying "I'm going to look the way God intends me to look...with a little help from Manolo Blahnik." In particular, she stopped dyeing her gray hair, making her an outlier among women in Hollywood--and women everywhere, really. 

But for the occasion of the Golden Globes, Curtis made an exception to her I-don't-dye rule--by dyeing her hair all white. That way, it matched her white dress and white clutch, both of which had silver accents. The elegant dress had long sleeves, a high neckline, and a slit that reached up to her thigh. She was showing us all that you can be 60, actually look your age, and be gorgeous and sexy at the same time. 

"I'm trying hard to take the veil off the fraud, to be real, to start with me," she has said. That would be a great 2019 intention for us all.